Going to YouTube?

I think I missed the YouTube boat.

I really do not use YouTube all that much outside of yoga videos or a random vegan video that I “must see”. It’s such a shame, because little did I know, there are so many more channels and vlogs to watch! Why am I watching trashy TV when I can be following YouTubers and learning how to be a better activist?

Case in point, Plantriotic and FullyRawKristina, two channels I now subscribe to. I find I like watching Jackson’s videos as a day in the life of a 20 something vegan, and Kristina’s as motivation to do something in my community and also helping me transition to a raw style of eating. Both of these channels are really inspiring. I really only need to watch a few videos before a myriad of ideas explodes my brain with positive activism. I wish I had found them sooner!

On this vein, I think I’m going to start learning more about YouTube and how to make a bigger impact. I want to be more active in my veganism and feminism. I have so many ideas that I could actually organize for the greater good. One thing I really don’t like is people (excuse my French) who bitch about everything. The government is bad, the economy is bad, that driver cut me off…it makes my head spin. Who would want to talk about that all day?

If I were to start a YouTube channel, I would have to confront many issues in animal rights that aren’t very pretty. However, I think rather than disgusting people into change, it is more effective to just live authentically and let people come to you. In my experience, I have influenced the greatest change in people by being a role model for the vegan movement.

Yesterday, I was a watcher, listener and reader, lurking in the background. Today, that just might change.

Do you watch YouTube?

What inspires you to change?




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