What I Ate Wednesday [July 15, 2015]

Quite honestly, I really love to eat. My food journey is ever evolving based on new information, my preferences and what my body is telling me. Recently, I made the decision to try going Raw Till 4. For me, this means eating mostly fruits and vegetables for breakfast and lunch and then a cooked vegan dinner. After dinner I usually have a snack as well, which is comprised of both raw and “not raw” food. I have been trying this style for the past three days, and I feel pretty good. I did not have a euphoric OH My GOD moment, largely due to the fact that I didn’t feel bad.

Quite simply, I wanted to try it out. If it continues to make my body feel great, I will probably keep more raw food in my diet. However, this does not mean I will never have another cooked breakfast or lunch. It just means I’ve changed my preferences. It is easier to do this because it is summer. It is warm, so I crave cold foods. Fruit is in season so it’s a lot tastier than blueberries in the middle of winter. I also have an abundance of bananas, which are my favorite food. To say this lifestyle is hard would be a lie. I still even eat my beloved hummus, just at dinner instead of lunch.

I think I will squawk more about the label “Raw Till 4” and what it means to me tomorrow. For now, a day of eats! Thanks to Jenn for the link up!




Apples and persimmons. Fruit is actively hydrating. I struggle to drink enough in the AM even after my sweat session. By eating fruit, I feel more alert and energized. A direct impact of raw food is increased hydration due to water content. Win!



Bananas, pistachios, carob chips, lacuma powder and Vega protein powder. Side of Brussels sprouts. I feel like I could eat bananas for every meal. I love this mix and love that it’s raw!



A garlic bagel with hummus, sprouts and melted Daiya cheese. Served with bread and butter pickles, cauliflower and dip. One thing I dislike sometimes about going raw is that I love steamed and oven roasted veggies. I cannot eat coniferous veggies unless they are steamed because it aggravates my stomach. Luckily, light steaming is allowed. Win!


Unpictured bowl of yonanas, pita chips and date rolls. Dates are seriously natures candy. I cannot get enough of them.

That was my day!

What is your favorite veggie? How do you like to prepare it?



  1. Cauliflower! Steamed!

    Although I love it raw too, dipped in buffalo sauce. I sometimes shave it over a salad raw. It’s very versatile.

  2. What does a persimmon taste like – I’ve never had one! My favorite veggie is… hmm… cucumber! But if I have something to dip with – like hummus – I like broccoli and carrots.

  3. I did some unintentional raw til 4 days for a few weeks. It was ok, but I definitely need more balanced meals for my body. Dates are indeed natures candy…so yum.

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