Lincoln Up #35 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Good morning and welcome to Lincoln Up! I have been so busy since Wednesday that my posting has fallen away. I have been enjoying my Raw Till 4 diet and the copious amounts of bananas entering my belly on a daily basis. I also have started watching Raw Vegan YouTube channels and love feeling inspired and healthy. Hopefully I will do a post about some of my favorites really soon!

The articles I read this week had a focus: feminism and raw vegan lifestyles. I was thoroughly entertained by both. Sometimes I get discouraged reading fem lit because I feel as though I cannot do anything right. However, I have released myself from being a “good feminist” and decided to educate myself about the issues, then form my own opinions. I have released myself from fem activism, and have decided to be true to myself. I know what type of woman I believe I should be, feminist, Christian, vegan and all.

I hope you all do too. Have a great Sunday!



When My Boyfriend Gained Weight I Had To Confront My Own Issues :: I am fiercely fighting making weight based judgments in my daily life. It is so hard because it is what we were brought up to be. People who are bigger are somehow worse than “regular people”. I feel more inspired to fight this thin privilege.

10 Things We Can Learn From Dogs That Will Make Us Happier :: I would add, take frequent naps in the middle of the day. That is the greatest thing about being a dog.

I Suck At Habit Change :: Some great tips on habit change and how to make it stick.



Can Runners Eat Unhealthy Food And Stay Lean? :: My short answer is yes, however, they will be more likely to get injured and running will be harder. Put good in to get good out.



4 Ways Vegans Help Save The Planet :: Even more motivation to make veg-concious decisions.

5 Vegan Female Athletes :: Featured is Laura Kline, a woman from Strong Hearts Vegan Power. Who I will hopefully be racing with this September!

Mr. Universe Goes Vegan :: “Since going vegan, he has actually gained more mass, now at 107 kilos”

How Animal Advocates Can Avoid Getting Depressed :: Turn that anger or sorrow into action! This resonated with me because I am looking for new ways to be an activist. Cheers to optimism!



WebMD For Binge Watching Netflix :: HAHA I know so many people who this applies to! I might have binge reading disorder…


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