What I Ate Wednesday [7/22/2015]

It smells SO GOOD in my house right now! I just put a pan of chickpea brownies in the oven, giving me just enough time to blog and take them out. I hopefully will not burn them today! I set the oven timer…but I surprise myself at my ability to manipulate fire.

Yesterday’s eats were delicious like usual. Raw till 4 is really not that challenging as fruit is abundant and bananas are a staple. I don’t know if I can recommend it to anyone, but for me, at the present moment, it makes me feel great.

I have started following more people in the movement and OH MY GOD people can be vicious with their beliefs! I really want to scream sometimes CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG?

Within the vegan movement, there are various sectors and they bash each other. I however take the stance that as long as no animals were consumed or harmed in the making of the food, we’re all doing a good job. Not eating meat is not good enough. Feeling good about yourself because you don’t eat red meat or fish, but still eat eggs and dairy cheese is not what this is about.

Torture is torture no matter how it is exemplified. You wouldn’t say “Oh, he was shot in the head and died quick, so it’s ok that you killed him.” No. That is not right. Humane meat, eggs or dairy causes suffering. Vegans attempt to limit that.

This is what we are about. Bringing it back from my mini rant, I don’t understand how militant certain sects of the vegan movement can be. Fully raw, raw till four, fruit after four, macrobiotic etc…we are all focused around the same goal. I think fighting is silly.

Ok…small tangent, time for WIAW! Thanks to Jenn for the party!




A couple mangos and a large cup of peach guava juice



Mashed bananas with blueberries, Vega protein powder, hemp/chia seeds and sunflower butter. Served with broccoli and baby corn on the side.



Hummus wrap with broccoli and tofu khan

[SNACK] Unpictured due to inattentive and deliciousness


Yonanas, pita chips and chocolate macaroons



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