Crisis turned opportunity

A small freak out occurred today which reminded me of all the opportunity present in my life. I went to the grocery store to buy some fruit while my car was being inspected. When I got to the front of the line, my debit card was declined.


Ensue panic…but I instead paid in cash.

Upon getting home, I had a solid plan as to how I would now structure my life to spend no more money. I will only take food from work. I would volunteer at my local co-op. I would eat really plain. I would not drive (no gas money), I would negotiate something with my roommate for utilities until I could put some checks in the bank. I was totally ready.

Luckily, I checked my balance and I had more than enough. Problem solved. I can spend what I want.

Nope. I don’t think I should do that.

During my time of crisis (20 minutes) I re-evaluated how I was spending. Did I need snacks? Did I need extra stuff? The answer, quite honestly is no. Sure, I like things like Oreos, crackers, chips, cheese etc, but are they worth the money? Right now, I say no.

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Going RawTill4 has made me realize that I have access to a lot of fruit and veggies on a daily basis. I get almost unlimited bananas from work. I now have a membership and volunteer opportunity at my co-op to get a large percentage off. I am looking into buying in bulk.


Really, after all that, I don’t really need much more. I was eating yonanas last night and I usually dip pita chips in it. Then I thought, I don’t really need to dip chips in this. If I’m hungry afterwards, I can just grab a scoop of peanut butter or something. Also, pretzels are a lot cheaper than pita chips and if I want a crunch factor, I can have them.


This money freak out was a great way to remember the importance of saving money. It reminded me that if I am frugal now, I will have more chance to experience other things that will make me happy. I want to take certification programs. I want to learn more about veganism and animal rights. I want to be a better activist. All these things are possible, if I live better.

Have you ever had a crisis that absolved itself?

What did you learn?



  1. I’m starting to come round to the same way of thinking, I’m always running out of money by being unorganised, buying food when I’m out when I have plenty at home. Better planning and a bit of doing without is what’s needed. Thank you for reminding me!

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