Lincoln Up #36 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good Morning and welcome to Lincoln Up! This week is a bit light on articles, but I know the ones I have will enlighten and inspire you to have a great week. My favorite BY FAR was by Kaila Prins at Miss. Skinny Genes and her thoughtful post about becoming a health coach. She raises many questions one should ask before pursuing that career. My week has been pretty great and busy. A money scare yesterday helped me to re-evaluate where I spend my dollars and how to do it better.

Lincoln Up

Have a great week!



Habits of Passionate Runners :: This list is pretty great. I’m not sure I always have a goal, I sometimes just run for the joy of running. I have been prioritizing sleep a lot though. So important!



Should I Coach? :: This has been on my mind a lot. Can people be coaches if they are still working on themselves? I believe the answer is yes. We are all works in progress and not everything I would tell someone else to do I would do myself. That’s life.

What Ina Garten Teaches Me About Love :: I watch Ina on Sunday mornings and she used to annoy me. This perspective actually makes a lot of sense. She is all of these things, and makes donuts. Brilliant! (Now how about some vegan recipes!)



7 Eleven Just Switched To Vegan Mayonnaise Just Mayo :: A big win for both the chain store and the animal rights movement! Getting vegan products to be more common place is very important in convincing people of the ease of ethical eating.

On Preventing Ex-Vegans; Why Feeling Normal Matters :: Being able to relate matters. Human connection and compassion for others leads to connection and compassion to animals.


10 Stupid Things We Can All Stop Complaining About :: I do all of these things…and I’m not stopping anytime soon 🙂

10 Bible Characters You’ll Date :: This is great! Any Christian girl knows about this 🙂


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