Lincoln Up #36 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up



The Big Lie Telling You To Hate Your Body :: Cristen Conger and I go way back…all the way to Stuff Mom Never Told You circa 2012. She and Caroline discuss women’s issues of past and present. This video explains how media reaffirms lies we believed about ourselves in childhood.

My Secret Feminist Weapon :: TOTALLY GUILTY! I knew I was subconciously advocating for women when I farted πŸ˜‰



How To Maintain Running Consistency :: Doug gives some great tips on how to make a running habit stick. I follow many of these tips and continue to love running despite the setbacks I’ve had.



10 Things Disappearing From Elementary Schools :: RECESS?!?! How does the school survive without the structure of King Bob and Randall? RIP TJ and the gang 😦

When I Returned From Maternity Leave My Employers Made Me Feel Invisible :: A hard look at what women face when having children. And we still make $0.77 to the male $1.00

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Food Deserts :: Equal access is a must.

Be The God Of Your DayΒ :: We are in control of how we react to life. That is something that cannot be taken away. Be the God of your life today!



The 12 Dumbest Facebook Mistakes We All MakeΒ :: Who is guilty of these? I used to totally do the birthday one…then two hours later I’m still thanking people and it’s a waste of time. Oh well, I live and learn.



Jane Birkin Wants Hermes To Stop Using Her Name :: Standing up for something you believe in is a huge accomplishment for designers. I applaude Jane’s proactive message.

Convenient Compassion :: Most of you know that Cecil the lion was killed by a dentist (because that’s so relevant) in Africa this past week. I hope that you will also consider all animals with equal compassion that are killed everyday worthy of your support as well.


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