Because It Makes Me Feel Good

I read a lot of blogs. I also read a lot of tumblrs. What many of them have in common is the need to justify what they do or eat.


“Oh, yes I’m having a salad…but don’t worry because I’m having ice cream later!”

“Oh yea this pint of ice cream is deserved because I am a human being and in my recovery…”

“OMG FOODGASM! This totally fits into my healthy lifestyle because…”

So many “becauses”. Some many justifications for why we eat the foods we eat.


Honestly, I don’t really care why you are eating some type of food. I read your blog because I saw a pretty picture and wanted to learn how to make it. I read your blog because you run/eat/live in a way similar to me and it’s comforting to know there are people like me. I do not need you to justify every food you put into your mouth or every workout you do.


You do not need to tell me “I worked out for two hours today but that’s ok because tomorrow is an off day because BALANCE!”

I really don’t care if you are balanced. Balance is boring. Balance keeps us in the mundane of everyday. If everyone was always balanced, no great things would happen. I believe that it is only when we are significantly out of balance that we make incredible strides in our lives. This is when we learn. If we are always in balance, that means we are not moving forward.


I want to move forward. Don’t you?

Where am I going? Well, I guess I am saying that I am going to stop giving reasons for my choices. I know why I follow the lifestyle that I do. I know why I am the person that I am. I know that I am a continually evolving being. I know I am loved by others and by God.


Mostly, I live the way I do because it makes me feel good.

And that’s it.

Do you justify your food choices?




  1. I love this. I get so frustrated when people tell me what I should/shouldn’t be eating. What I put into my body is my choice, therefore please stop asking me why I am or am not eating something. Biggest pet peeve!

    • Thanks for agreeing with me! I get into the trap of “oh what will people think of me when I post this picture of my lunch…?” but then I’m like, whatever, I eat what I want and I want what I eat B-)

  2. I love this. The comparison game is so real, especially throughout the social media and blogging world. I think I justify all.the.time and now I want to be conscious of NOT doing that. It’s my life and I’ll eat what I want;) Stopping by from the link up!

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