What Is Going Through My Head On a “Bad Body Image” day

Every person has days when they don’t feel like a million bucks. Actually, it may be more of a $0.50 feeling kind of day. We wake up, we work out, we eat, we pray, we do our morning routine, but feel different.

We feel off, icky, not ourselves. We think there is something wrong with us. When we look in the mirror, we see a version of ourselves that is easy to hate. It seems to be really easy to find something wrong with the way we look. 

You know those days when you love the way your hair looks? The way the shirt your wearing accentuates your curves? The smoothness of your skin? Those things are forgotten and we focus on the way our belt cuts into our waist or the way our hair seems to fall limp on our shoulders. Nothing looks “right”.

This happens to me on occasion and dealing with it is something that is a struggle. I do not have the option of not going out of the house or hiding. Therefore, I have to combat those thoughts and deal. This is what I do:

Thought: My hair looks so blah and limp today.

Fix: Ponytail, cute headband or hat

Thought: I am so bloated that my belt is cutting into my waist

Fix: YOGA PANTS and drink lemon water (then you pee and detoxify your system, it feels better)

Thought: I ate to much last night and can’t poop –>feeling puffy

Fix: I do one of two things here based on how strong I am feeling. 

1.) Wear a tight fitting shirt and say FUCK YOU to those thoughts

2.) Wear my favorite shirt, drink a smoothie for breakfast and so something to take my mind off it (Work, take a walk, podcast)

Thought: I cannot work out today and I am antsy

Fix: Read blogs/medical articles on the importance of rest and recovery (THIS REALLY WORKS!!!)

There will be days when we feel like poop. Those days remind us to appreciate the good days and enjoy the times we feel amazing. And those times, really are the best of our lives.

What do you do on bad body image days?



  1. I love how you immediately go to a way to fix or replace the thought with a good one. Put off. Put on. Think on those things that are lovely, of good report.. It reminds me of Phil 4:13. πŸ˜‰ You’re a girl after my own heart. ❀

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