Week Workout Recap

HELLOOOOOOO! How is it possible I am still functioning right now? I woke up at 4, had a GREAT WORKOUT, and then worked till 2:30PM (which explains the lateness of this post)…I am currently eating a great lunch (pb&bananas, veggies and dip) and am inspired to write a workout recap.

When I am injured, I do not post weekly exercise quite honestly because it’s boring. I think describing my different running routes and paces is more fascinating (to me) than writing “oh yea, got on that elliptical today…crazy times! I almost fell off and the lady next to me was watching Nurse Jackie so I TOTALLY tuned in! Ya never know what you’re gonna get there!”

No thanks. I hate not running and so I don’t want to dwell on the other things I do when I am taking time off.

Inspired by my great fartlek workout today (first one if like 5 months) I think it’s time to revisit the weekly running wrap-up!


Monday: 8.2 miles [average 7:45 pace] I ran through two parks that surround lakes. I was super sore from the 20K race on Saturday, but this had to happen. I needed to shake out the lactic acid (I know this is a myth but I still like to say it haha)

Tuesday: 10.2 miles [average pace 8:02] Time to get back to the hills! I ran my favorite route in all of Ithaca. It was the first route I remember learning from the Cornell running club when I went to school there. It has some hills, some bike paths and all beautiful. Still a bit sore but feeling better.

Wednesday: 10.9 miles [average pace 8:11] This was my favorite run of the week by far! I had a date with three other ladies who are such great runners. We all talk the whole time and have fun. We ran around the gorges and through Cornell campus. I just love being with them!

Thursday: OFF running

Friday: 10.2 miles [average 7:54] Same route I did on Tuesday. Oh sheet 6 seconds faster per mile (killing it!!)

Saturday: 14 miles approx. [pace unknown, no watch] I started this run on the treadmill and did about 5 miles, then took it outside. I wanted to get do a specific target pace for the first part, then just run freely the second. I ran by the lake again and was so happy to see so many other runners! Maybe more people will want to come with me!

Sunday: 10.4 miles [average 8:39] Very early morning run on the treadmill. I’m talking a 4AM run because I had to open the store today. It was pretty chill and boring but I was accompanied by Maddy Moon and the Mind Body Musings podcast throughout the whole time. She’s a wonderful companion!

That was my week! What was your favorite workout?

Does anyone else run in the AM?



  1. I’m a morning runner. I will run in the afternoon if I have to open at work, and ONCE IN A BLUE MOON (first time in months the other night I ran at 6pm!) I will run in the evening. So rare on the latter.

    • Yea I find I only run in the evening when I go to the local group runs. And then it’s really slow easy miles which are great!

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