Lincoln Up #38 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good Morning and Welcome To Lincoln Up! My goal of the week was to make a new YouTube video. I failed in that regard, but it was mostly because I was on social media so much reading great stuff! I haveΒ  a new appreciation for Bloglovin and Tumblr so if you have any recommendations, please share them! I don’t have much of an intro for today because I am AMPED up for my race! I hope I finish injury free πŸ˜€

Lincoln Up

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Date Your Diet :: A thoughtful post on the similarities between the dating and the diet game.

The Tragic Tale Of Eating Disorders In FictionΒ :: Do you find books about ED struggles and survival stories helpful or harmful?

All Weight Loss Doesn’t Deserve ApplauseΒ :: The most concerning factor about this woman’s weightloss is that she deals with children and should be setting a better example.

How To Deal With Weight That Won’t Budge :: This is such and important post! The author speaks about the paradigm betweenΒ “skinny people who cannot gain weight” and the “fat people who cannot lose”. So fascinating and real.

Why Balance Isn’t Always Something To Strive ForΒ :: Living with passion is sometimes more important than living in balance.

Getting In Shape Undermined My Body PositivityΒ :: Another story about how the pervasive media messages women face can turn a plan to get healthier into an obsession with the scale.



Gay And ChristianΒ :: I consider myself a child of God. I hate saying I’m religious because that is not the correct way to describe it. I grew up Christian, but have a tolerance and acceptance for all walk of life. I might not be homosexual but I think it’s very important that acknowledge that God loves all, and so should we.



15 Things That Got Scott Jurek Through The Appalachian TrailΒ :: What things get you through a hard workout?

Five Thing’s I’ve Learned From Running :: Ever insightful and smart, Hollie is a super fast runner who has a lot of experience under her belt.

How Controlling Coffee Changed My Game :: Esther Erb gives a few reasons why she limits coffee from her racing plan. She’s such a fast runner, I might have to give this a try!



Vegan Diet of NFL Player David CarterΒ :: New favorite NFL team: CHICAGO BEARS!



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