Hitchhiking My Way To Victory!

The race on Sunday was really exciting to participate in. Getting up to that point was a whole different story. You know those days when your stomach drops and you realize you might be in for a really bad day? Well, that happened at 7:30 Sunday morning.

I had just left my house and was driving toward Watkins Glen. For the life of my, I could not get my windows to stop fogging. I mean, it was hot and humid, but nothing was getting them clear. All of a sudden, I hear a ding and my engine light goes on. I was overheating. At 7:30AM. On the way to a race I paid money for.


Cue minor heart palpitations. Exacerbate those palpitations when I read my driver’s manual and it states very clearly DO NOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE WHEN ENGINE LIGHT IS ON!

Cue stomach dropping and the race becoming a bit of a dream.

I began going over various scenarios in my head of who to call to get my to Watkins, but first make a call to my dad, a farmer, who can fix anything engine related. Just as the call went through, a man pulled over.

“I recognize you from packet pick-up. Do you need a ride to the race?”

HALELUJAH! My Savior Steve gave me a lift to the race.ย I had actually talked to Steve the day before when I volunteered for registration. He told me this would be his first half marathon and inquired about water stops. I love new runners, so I assured him all would be fine and he would make it through the race. Little did he know, he would also help me make it through the race!

I left my car on the highway until I could come back later to get it.


I ran the race and Steve gave me a lift back to my car where my dad and brother were waiting with coolent and water to help my engine. On the way home from the race, my boss called me and asked if I could come in early. Normally I get a bit of time to just chill before rushing to work after an extreme exertive effort. This was not to be.

I got my car home, rushed into the shower and then to work. After about three hours at work, I felt like I was hit by a truck. I was tired, hungry but I couldn’t stomach too much and needed to rest. That 8 hour shift was a bear. I was so happy to get home!


Has anything crazy ever happened to you while going to/coming from a race?



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