Lincoln Up #39 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good morning! I was supposed to do a race this morning. Just a fun 7 miler near my home. But I woke up and just wanted to run alone. I wanted solace. I was not feeling a race. So, I didn’t do it. I ran alone, in the quiet hills surrounding Ithaca. It was bliss (except for the part where I sprinted to BK to use the bathroom). The students are back so early morning running is the only way to avoid the bustle of people going to class. Time to start counting down to graduation! πŸ˜‰

Lincoln Up

I hope you enjoy my links this week!

Happy Sunday!



Things You Don’t Have To Do :: Too many times we force ourselves to do things when really we need to be reminded that it’s ok to just not.

The Other Kind Of Emotional Eating :: Is your latest “clean eating” covering up your insecurities?

Body Image On Vacation :: Going on vacation is supposed to be a blast, but what happens at the end when your body might have changed? How do you cope with that?

The Importance Of Loving Your DietΒ :: Eat what makes you and your body happy.

You Don’t Look SickΒ :: This is really relevant to how I used to see people. You never know what someone is struggling with.



RunDisney Marathons Make Me Feel Like A Runner :: I’ve always wanted to RunDisney and dress up. It seems like such a great way to get people to run.

Elite Takeover: Sarah Crouch :: I love this series on Tina’s blog and this is by far my favorite! Sarah makes me believe that I am not just running in circles and with patience I can be my own kind of awesome. Be inspired with her story.

10 Reasons To Avoid Cheating On Your Recovery Days :: I read this article after a my first slow 20 miler and was really happy to have taken it as slow as it needed to be.



What Screen Time Does To Your Kids :: My dad used to have “no TV” months when I was kid and my mom read to us. I actually liked the attention my mom paid to us and loved every time we finished a chapter book. Kids today don’t know what they are missing.


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