Weekly Workout Recap [8/17-8/23]

Last week was a solid running week. It was some serious mileage even with a cross training day. I definitely do not plan to do as much this week, but it was interesting to see how my body handled the miles. Another factor making last week a good training week was the amount of work I had. 6 days of mostly 9 hour shifts did take a toll, but I felt pretty recovered from all the runs.

Must be all those bananas…and all that peanut butter πŸ™‚


Monday: Off


This was the day after the Catharine Valley Half so I took it easy. No running, just some biking and of course, a long work shift.

Tuesday: 8.5 miles

I did the flattest route I could find and felt some residual fatigue in my legs. I kept the pace controlled and although tiring, not impossible or painful.

Wednesday: 11.2 miles

I always look forward to this run with a few ladies from my community. We did a figure eight loop around Cornell at about 7:30 pace. A bit faster than I wanted to go so I was really tired afterwards.

Thursday: 10.2 miles

I did my favorite loop around Cornell and near Turkey Hill. Some good hills and great scenery.

Friday: 21.34 miles


HOLY SHIT is all I can say about this! This was my favorite run of the week. I cannot believe I was able to do 20 miles and not be completely dead. I was prepared with snacks and water, went slow and gave myself permission to walk. I wanted to enjoy it and I did. It was challenging mentally and physically, but gave me the confidence I needed to run long distances.

Saturday: 8.2 miles

My legs felt fine the day after my long run. I felt like I was a speed demon during this jaunt even though my average pace was 8:15. All about perspective right?

Sunday: 16.1 miles

I was supposed to do a race yesterday, but woke up not feeling competition or trails. I wanted a long road run, in the quiet, by myself. I haven’t run this route for a couple months so it’s fun to see things change. There is still construction on Ellis Hollow road, I don’t think it will ever stop X-)

Total: 75.8 miles

Overall thoughts: I don’t think I would be able to sustain this mileage all year. This would certainly be a peak week for me. I did not do any speed work, but plan to do a workout tomorrow. I am very happy with how my legs recovered after the long runs. I am enjoying running as something to look forward to before I go into work. I am not sure what my next race is, as I have had car problems so I don’t know how I would get to a race now anyway.

How was your week?

What was your favorite workout?



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