Running on empty

Yesterday I went for another longer run. I headed out with my hand held water bottle and a single gel. I had a plan to start taking the gel after about 6 miles. Everything was going swimmingly aside for the fact that I wasn’t able to go before I started. I wasn’t too worried because there are a lot of bushes and houses that I could casually use.

It was a chilly morning, so my hands cramped around my water bottle and lost all sensation. This happens to me sometimes, so I wasn’t too worried. They always eventually warm up. Alas, this was not to be.

After about 7 miles, I decided my legs and energy level would thank me if I took a gel. The problem with having no feeling in my fingers was that I could not open the packet of mango energy that awaited me. I tried every trick in the book to no avail. My teeth did not work either as my top and bottom teeth do not touch. It was hopeless.

I still felt good though, so I kept on running. Around mile 8 I really had to use the bathroom. I was about a mile away from the Burger King I usually rely on (and probably would have made it to) when I saw an elderly man getting his newspaper.


I called over and asked to use his facilities. He was very entusiastic  and led me into his house promptly yelling

“Honey, we’ve got a runner!” 

God Bless those people! 

My long run is a loop that goes by my house twice. Thankfully after 13 miles, I hit my house again for another bathroom break (I eat too much fruit and veg) and scissors to open my gel. SAVIOR!

I got right back to my route but my legs were not feeling it. I ate the gel, but I was past the return to normal stage. My legs were not ready. I made it about 3 more miles before I decided to close my loop early and come home. I ended up with just over 17 miles at about an 8:30 pace.

Was that planned? Well, I never have a plan for long runs, just a general outline and a very carefree attitude. I am not training for anything except Ragnar which is not long miles all together so I get a break in between. 

Was it still a great run? Of course it was! I love getting out there and could have slogged really slowly through the last miles, but chose not to in favor of allowing my legs to rest. I still had an 8 hour shift to go to.

I wore compression socks and recovered pretty well for my 8 miler today.

That’s all she wrote.

How was your last long run? 

When was the last time you bonked?



  1. Wow! What a nice neighbor! I usually try to cut down on the fiber for two days prior to a long run or race, and always go before I run. If I feel even the slightest churn, I book it back home. I also do a lot of my longer runs on the trail… the world is your toilet on the trail πŸ˜‰

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