Lincoln Up #40 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good Morning and happy Sunday! Wow it is really the last day of August tomorrow. It was a great month and actually, I have no idea what I did…

Lincoln Up

The links today are really fantastic, so I’ll stop typing and let you read.

Have a wonderful day!



The Cost Of Getting Lean :: How far are you willing to go?

Why I Don’t Love My Body :: Kaila always has rational things to say about body, diet and acceptance. I may not always love my body, but I need to be kind to myself because it’s the only one I’ve got.

4 Lies Western Philosophy Teaches About Our Bodies :: This article was very interesting in examining the prevaling social constructs surrounding women’s bodies.

How Family Affects Change :: Set up the environment, live your truth, people notice.

The Dorito Effect :: Could some foods actually be “bad”? Holding ethics constant, what is your opinion?



3 Things Runners Need To Remember :: Another mistake not to make, poop before you run or have no shame asking a kind stranger to use their bathroom.



Common Vegan Baking Mistakes :: I had Vegan Treats at Farm Sanctuary. It will make any meat eater believe thay can go vegan!

Calcium: A Vegan Nutrition Primer :: A great guide to getting calcium on a plant based diet.

Plant Based Wellness Tips From Vegan Bloggers :: Veganism isn’t about perfection, so cheat, enjoy fake meats and cheeses amd be happy.



Why I Don’t Regret Pushing To The Far :: Sometimes pushing too far, is exactly what you need.

Marathon Free Bleeding :: How did you react to the bleeding marathoner?


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