New Job and WIAW!

Yesterday was a great day!

I woke up at 6AM and did a speed workout out, sweating my brains out and feeling strong. Even though it’s a treadmill, I really get a lot out of those sessions. This morning there were two walkers next to me, a husband and wife. They are ADORABLE! I think they must be in their 70s and they walk together for a half hour every morning. True love right there!

I then got home, showered and grabbed the bagel and juice I made the night before at work to eat on the way to my new job!


Yes, I am not employed at the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company. I decided to pick up a part time job for three reasons:

1.) My car broke down and I had to get another one. More payments means I need more income.

2.) I have wanted to get a job there for a couple months but the timing wasn’t right. I think the job will suit me pretty well, I love to run, I love to talk about running. Simple.

3.) I want to meet a more runners with my same interests

I worked began work there at 9AM. My new boss (who also has a great blog) gave me a basic overview of what my responsibilities will be. She showed me how to mark merchandise, check people out, explained what different products were and how to explain them to people when I did not know myself (what is a tri kit?!?!)

After that, she had me try on different pairs of shoes to compare the feel from the ones I normally wear. My Saucony Kinvaras are a minimal shoe (>4mm drop) but most new runners get a neutral or stability shoe. Oh man do I want a pair of the Brooks Glycerin! They are so fabulous looking!

I then tried to memorize shoes and compare brands. This is easier because the shoes are arranged by drop, not by brand. It’s just easier on my mind to organize.

Before I knew it, it was 11:50 and time for me to get to CTB.

My best friend at CTB!
I intended to make a drink when I got there, being parched for some reason, but my boss asked me to clock on immediately so that was put on hold. We weren’t really busy, but there were just enough people to cover the line and front with not breaks. After a few hours, we had more things done, so I got a chance to eat lunch.

[Middle East Salad and some mangos]


The afternoon consisted of me spilling eggs, water and a gallon of milk. Considering the shift was slow, I was able to clean it up without too much stress. Not my day for liquids.

I got sent home early, but made myself a small snack as I walked out the door.

[Unpictured lettuce wrap with hummus inside]

When I got home I was whipped. I sat around talking to Gennie [roomie/best friend] and vegged out. I watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ate dinner and then went to bed.


[Wrap with PB, Raspberry Jam and banana, bowl of veggies w/ dip]

Not a bad day πŸ™‚

How many jobs do you have?

What is the last liquid you spilled?



  1. My boyfriend totally dumped my entire full Britta filter of water all over my kitchen counter/floor last night. At least it was water and not red wine! Haha

  2. HELL YEA for the new job!! I technically have two jobs too, Starbucks is my main gig, but I’m also a WA state caregiver, which means I’m “qualified” to watch my sister (she has autism) and get paid by the state. AKA It’s easy as facckk, but brings like an extra $600-$800 a month. I could technically provide care for others, but that’s too much work haha.

      • Initially I had to go through a series of courses to get set up, I did this when I turned 18. Then every year I have to complete 12 hrs of training courses (of my choice, and they’re now online!) which range from things like traumatic brain injuries, to down syndrome, to cuts and scrapes. They’re all some kind of health/mental topics and they are fascinating. And I get paid for the training. It’s a win win win and I help my mom so YAHOO.

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