Thursday Things

My favorite run of the week happens Wednesday morning. I love getting up to jog with a few ladies as the sun comes up. This morning the sun was HUGE and RED! I wish I had a picture (but I’m very thankful to not have to carry my phone around anymore!

I worked at the running store from 10-12 and sold my first pair of shoes!


I went from there to CTB for my 12-8 shift. It has ben slower lately so I do more smiling than sweating. Always a good thing.


I think I drink about three of these frozen coffees each day. Decaf. Not sorry.


On this fine afternoon I had to make a bunch of espresso for our iced espresso drinks. Yes, we make it ahead of time. It makes things easier. And yes, it is the most boring job at the store.


The past few weekends have been rough, so it’s nice coming into a lovely note from our bosses about our hard work.


I think it’s time for me to leave, I really smell and need to shower…she agrees.


I love reading Snapple cap facts. This one is relevant because I absolutely hate lox and cream cheese bagels. They are gross and salmon deserve to be FREE!


The night was finished watching Grey’s, eating and trying to keep Sterling from attacking the neighbors. The imagination on that cat!


Have you ever had two jobs?

What is the most tedious thing you did today?



  1. I worked at Lululemon and TA’ed undergraduate biology classes while I was in graduate school full time. It lead for a busy busy schedule. Most tedious thing = work!

    • I was an A&P tutor in college and also a writing tutor/editor. I basically had office hours where I sat in a room with other tutors and did my homework while other tutors taught. Freshmen don’t come to get help :-/

  2. You’re a hard worker! I would be exhausted after that day! Love Sterling. That’s such a cute name πŸ™‚

    I currently have two jobs, too! My “main” job is working for a family as their personal assistant, and the other is pet sitting, my fave!

  3. I guess I kind of, sort of have two jobs now since I blog and I coach — if that counts πŸ™‚ And I could seriously go for an iced coffee right about now. I think it’s time to invest in some good decaf so I don’t give myself a case of the shakes.

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