Running woes and salad game on STRONG

Can we first just take a second and look at my cute car? I have driven it a total of two times, yet love to look at it when it sits in my parking spot. I realized I will probably actually drive it when I go to Ragnar :-X


I love many things about my new job, but getting to actually look nice is one of my favorite things! Tomorrow I’m considering wearing a dress. Sure, it’s a running store, but I like to look cute.


I learned how to check in the shoes that get delivered daily. This is actually kind of complicated to learn, but I’m sure once I do it enough it will be simple. My greatest fear is costing Ian a billion dollars because I forget to do something…or breaking someone’s foot because I improperly fit them…


Speaking of improperly fitting shoes, look at that blood blister. I wore my older Kinvaras for two thirteen milers in the past two days and could feel this happening today. It didn’t hurt, so I just took care of it when I got home. My feet are kind of gross…good thing I work in shoes πŸ˜‰


I began watching YouTube videos about the connection between Christianity and Veganism. I know my vegan beliefs have a basis in Christianity, although this topic is highly debated. I am trying to educate myself more on these issues.


I usually watch the videos above while I eat breakfast. I have been loving these bowls. Basically I mash two bananas together, add a scoop of protein powder, mix in some berries and glob on the PB. PB to banana ratio is about 1:1


My cat Boo was all serene the other morning and looked really pretty. My photo doesn’t do him justice. This morning he bopped Sterling in the nose for being naughty. #MamasBoy


My salad game has been on strong recently at CTB. It all started with the “Middle East Salad” containing hummus, baba ganoush, olives, tomatoes, cous cous, cucumber and lettuce. It even comes with pita bread. I’m not hating!


I also love making these hummus wraps as a quick snack before I leave work. It holds me over for the five second walk home before I eat dinner.


Finally, I found this book on the community book shelf at CTB and fell in love with the first page. Being single, I find the premise of the book interesting and cannot wait to read it.


What do you think of running apparel salespeople wearing dresses?

Any single people content with their singlehood?



  1. Your car is adorable!

    I think dresses on girls are just fine in a running store. I’m single and loving it, and my cat looks exactly like Boo! His name is Nelson πŸ™‚

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