Sunday Funny [Sh*t Runner’s Say At A Running Store]

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!

As I read about everyone going back to college, I kind of get nostalgic for the whole “fresh, new experiences” vibe. I think that was a run-on sentence. Oh well.

The one thing I really liked about college was the ability to basically reinvent yourself every year, or even every semester. I’m not talking about becoming a whole new person, but taking different classes or joining different clubs. You meet new people, get different work-study jobs, make connections in your field that will hopefully score you a job. It’s basically a clean state.

This fall, along with seeing the college kids move in, I also was awarded some new opportunities to try something different. I got a new job, I started working different hours, I got a new car, I started running in a different way.

On my first day at the running store, my boss showed me this video. It is hysterical because I see myself in half of the people. I know I have asked those exact questions before. Not only do we watch YouTube at work (just like in some of my previous college classes) I also have homework and quizzes that will help me get to know the brands better.

Suddenly, I don’t feel like I am missing out so much. I get all the new, without all the stress.. That’s kind of awesome!

This is the video. Enjoy!




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