Training [8/31-9/6]

When I think about my running, I still call it “training” even if I am not specifically gearing up for a race. I like to maintain a fitness of being “one step from race ready” if I can, especially during the spring, summer and fall. This is not always possible due to injury, but when I am fit, that’s when I have the most fun. I can practice run fueling, run any distance I want, play with speed work or try new routes not caring about mileage.

I got new Kinvaras!
This week felt pretty standard even though I did have high mileage. I had fun with it and was happy with how it went.

Monday: Elliptical cross-training

I find that even when my legs feel great, I make myself take a day off from running. It’s really hard especially when you know you can continue to do the thing you love. However, I believe it is worth it to keep me injury free.

Tuesday: 10 mile speed workout [2 mile warm up, 6×1 mile repeats, 2 mile cool down]

This workout was pretty tough. I kept wanting to get into a rhythm, but the change of pace would not let me do this. I guess that is what the run is for, not letting your legs get used to the pace. It worked.

Wednesday: 10.8 miles [average pace 8:03]

The sunrise this morning was absolutely gorgeous! The sun was HUGE and bright RED. I remember asking my coworkers later that day if they saw it and they were like “no, no one is up that early but you.” I BEG TO DIFFER!

Thursday: 13 miles [average pace 7:53]

Friday: 13 miles [average pace 7:51]

These two runs were similar in both pace and route. I decided in lieu of a long run this week, I would do two mid distance runs. My legs were heavy on Friday, so I think I achieved the same muscle adaptations that a long run would provide.

Saturday: 8.4 miles [average pace 7:52]

I was feeling the lead legs major! I did not feel like I went that fast, but I guess I trust technology. Since it was early (it was also my first shift at the running store!) there were hardly any cars or other people. I have been getting out in the coolness of the morning since it’s been so hot.

Sunday: 16 miles [average pace 7:44]

I finally made it through this run without stopping to use a bathroom! Ok…I tried to use BK but they don’t open until 11AM on Sunday. Who’d have thought?! I have now trained my body to not pee or poop myself on a run. Success!

Total mileage: 71.3 miles

I feel good about this week. I don’t feel as if I am breaking down. I got new shoes for my long run which were definitely necessary. I also remembered to wear compression sleeves on my calves afterward at work which stopped the soreness I felt after the run.


What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week?



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