Tuesday Tangents at the running store

My days are starting to run together. I just had a conversation with my coworker talking about things we thought we did today, but we actually did yesterday. This past weekend was simply one sweaty mess.

Happy Labor Day indeed.


I’ve been really loving the ballet bun both for work and running. It keeps my hair off my sweaty back and then I can just change headbands and then go right to work. Success!


My cat Sterling really enjoyed the chive Toffutti that I spread on my bagel. I was really impressed because that meansΒ I could make him into a vegan cat! Then I realized I hadn’t fed him yet and he was probably just waiting for the main course. Oops!


I had my first full shift at the running store on Saturday! It was really fun, but I honestly have no idea what I am doing yet. I did pack my lunch like a big girl and used my super cute lunch purse!


I have been loving killer salads lately. I used to think salad meant lettuce…but I really don’t use it that often. This one had tofu, avocado, black beans, corn and spinach. It was just right for the busy day we had. It also kept surprisingly well out of the fridge. This was good because we were really busy so it took me an hour to eat it in between customers.


My coworker is legit! He knows a lot more about shoes that I do…although he secretly told me he just fakes it and tries to sound confident. I need to try that next time.


He also was a double winner in my book because he packed homemade applesauce with his lunch. My mom makes THE BEST applesauce so I had to do a taste challenge. His was good, but my mom’s is better πŸ™‚


One of the things we did in addition to selling shoes was mark new products. It’s a really complicated process to get things in the system (just a lot of steps, not hard) but it’s cool to see the new things. These were the new handheld water bottles. I love the colors! Mine is plain grey and blue.


I think if it’s hot out for my next sixteen miler, I’m going to bring my handheld again. I don’t get too thirsty, but it’s good practice.

What color is your water bottle?

What is your favorite thing to put in a “salad”?



  1. Homemade applesauce is the bomb! My great grandpa lived in Upstate NY (Mayfield to be exact) and he always made the best applesauce! I always loooove you SnapChats of Sterling. He is so cute and his name suits him :). Also, your lunch purse is adorable!

  2. I would love to work in a running store, or own one! I love your hair band and lately I’ve been enjoying cold pasta salads with lots of veggies.

  3. Your new job at the running store sounds great, and I can definitely “see” you there!
    Ballet buns are the bomb dot com and I always wear them. Cute + functional = YES.
    That salad looks DELICIOUS. Hearty salads are the best salads.My fav is Chipotle’s sofrito salad. Have you tried it? xx

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