A Double Run, Beet Juice and My Last Mango

I realized today that I should probably train a little bit for Ragnar. I don’t mean start getting super serious or dial anything in, but maybe do a couple double run days to simulate race-day fatigue. This morning I ran 10 miles with my running group and then after work I hit the pavement for an other 5 with my vegan running friend Jeff. I had hesitant at first to have someone go with me because I decided if I was too whipped from work and only could manage 2-3 miles I would stop. Well, he came and we were able to have a wonderful conversation over our jaunt. Remember that 9lb bucket of peanut butter I got at a bulk sale? Well Jeff had got the same thing! He went a step further folks…he convinced them to sell him 35 POUNDS of the nutty stuff at once! Talk about my peanut butter, vegan, running soul mate! His life-partner Julie was in Germany this week so he was able to come with me. I am grateful to have found friends through the running store to make tough, tired runs a lot of fun!

This morning I worked at the running store for a couple hours before heading to CTB. Lisa has been really great in explaining all the technical jargon I need to know about the different types of shoes. Today I tried on all the different brands to see what the difference felt like between neutral and stability shoes. I need to get myself a pair of the Brooks Transcend. They felt great! Lisa also gave me some Beet Performer to sample. Her boyfriend is a professional triathlete and is sponsored by this company. I don’t know if I could drink it like I would juice or coffee, but it wasn’t too bad. Maybe as a smoothie base with some spinach and orange. That would taste great!


CTB was a much needed slow day. I think we are all still recovering from the past few weeks. The college kids came back, then labor day hit, it was a hot and sweaty mess. Today was slower and not as sweaty especially after the rain started. I am still LOVING the salad creations I am making. I look forward to them, they don’t sit in my stomach and are really filling. I plan to enjoy them until the weather turns cold and I crave soup, beans and lots of bread and cheese!


Speaking of my morning run group, it wasΒ two of the women’s birthdays…so another one made them (us) muffins. They were completely vegan and sweetened with maple syrup. There were also raisin and zucchini inside as far as I could tell. I thought they were DELICIOUS! I ate one plain and then added some PB to the other one. What a nice end of run surprise!



I think this will be my last mango of the season. I am favoring apples, bananas and not much else lately. It’s definitely the change in month (because the weather is still hot!) I also don’t want to spend extra money on fruit. Adios mangos!


My coworker Rachel is learning German along side her girlfriend (who is in college). This means she is saying the German word for things to practice and confuse all of us. I have been a smart-ass and always respond with GRACIAS! And then nod my head vigorously. She then reminds me that I am speaking Spanish and she is learning German. I then respond again with GRACIAS! She then laughs and walks away. Well, now I can learn Spanish! This is a GREAT PRICE! I wonder if it’s actually legit. I am seriously so tempted to call. The thing is, I already don’t spend much money, so I don’t know what else I can cut out to make room for this. I have some thinking to do!


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