Ellie and Laurel take on Buttermilk [and lose]

Some days start a bit harried and then turn into something fun. Yesterday was one of those for me. I got in 13 early miles and was feeling pretty high on life. I decided to go into work a half hour early to eat breakfast before my 9AM shift. I got there and was able to make breakfast and started doing my devotionals…when my boss asked me to clock in early. Whomp whomp. That’s what I get for trying to have a fresh bagel in the morning.


Luckily, I was able to snap a picture of my delicious bagel and Instagram it before work happened. It’s my go-to bagel: hummus with sprouts, tomato, spinach and onion. Ok, that’s a lie…my go-to bagel is rosemary salt with crunchy peanut butter, but I thought I had time to eat this. After almost three (on and off) years at CTB I still delude myself into a possibly normal breakfast. Nope.

The day went by pretty fast for me. I only had to work until 2PM and had lunch plans with my sister that I was looking forward to. I felt like the shift was pretty solid, but when the closers got there at noon, I saw some stressed faces. I felt bad that I couldn’t stay later to help them, but my sister and I do not often get together so I was not cancelling on her or making her wait. #priorities

I got done with my shift and met my sister at my house. I wanted to drive her in my new car to our lunch spot. We ended up at our usual place: Ithaca Bakery. We were both starving by that point so big sandwiches were on the menu. I got a Panini and she got a veggie burger. I had gotten hers before and it was just as good as when I got it. The CTB/IB veggie burger game is on point!


We then decided to go to Buttermilk State Park to hike the trails there. It was slightly raining, but we had good intentions…


…until we started walking up the stairs. They were really steep and both of us had run/worked earlier. Luckily, I got a text message from my coworker asking me to cover her 5-8 shift. Saved by the text message!


We turned around and walked down all the steps we just climbed and took a bunch of pictures. Neither of us were too heart broken about missing the trail walking. I take this as a sign from God πŸ™‚


Ithaca is really a beautiful area. I feel so blessed to be able to live here in the spring, summer and fall. My sister and I had a lovely afternoon talking and imagining the future. Both of us want to move South, both of us are not too sure what the next step in education is…and were both ok with that. It seems we have more in common than we realize.


What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Have you ever “failed” on a hike?



  1. So glad you had a fun time with Laurel! I love her name (and yours!). So pretty! Buttermilk Falls looks absolutely beautiful. NY is such a gorgeous state! Even in the winter :). I used to spend a lot of time in the Saratoga (I think?)/Gloversville/Fonda/Fultonville/New Paltz areas in all seasons, and it’s just breath-taking!

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