Sunday Funny [Why Do Christians Freak Out?]

YouTube has become my new TV. The myriad of channels on that things is insane! What I like the most about them is their length. The ones I watch are usually under 10 minutes and to the point. I don’t need to follow any “seasons” or worry about missing something from another episode. It’s great!

This week I felt God putting different things on my heart. First and foremost, I think He wants me to find a church. I have fallen off that band wagon since college and really did not look too hard when I moved out of my parent’s house. I think after a year here, I am settled and should pursue a home church.

To tie this back to YouTube, my mornings have been spent with various Christian YouTubers, both comical and serious, which had me thinking about my priorities. I think God is shifting them ever so slightly. More towards Him and how I can grow more fully into a Christian woman, and away from how I can be the best activist possible. I am still trying to listen to what He has to say and excited to see where this path may lead.

This week’s video is fromΒ a new channel I subscribe to called Blimey Cow. They are a hysterical bunch of actors who make my mornings bright. The videos they make have Christian undertones and make fun of us, but in a safe way. They aren’t attacking, just being thoughtful.

Enjoy today’s video!



  1. I know that the fellowship of other believers to push me back to meditating on Jesus and being with Jesus has been so crucial for my Christian walk! I hope you can find a body to worship with.

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