Weekly Training [9/7-9/13]

This week really showed what it means to live in Upstate NY. The beginning of the week was a sweltering 90 degrees and a billion percent humidity. Right now, it is about 55 outside and raining. The benefit to this varying weather meant my body was able to adapt to the different elements while running. I’m not sure which I prefer, rainy or hot/humid, but it made for a great week of running!

Monday: off


Tuesday: 10 miles total [12×400 meter repeats at 6 mpm pace, 2mi warm-up/cool down]

I really tested myself on this run. I have not hit 6 minute pace since before the half marathon I won back in April. It was a plateau I happily was able to break. The workout was really hard, but not “makes you sick” hard. I like those challenges.

Wednesday: 16.5 miles total

AM: 10.6 miles with my running group. It was two of the women’s birthdays so the third woman made muffins. They were really tasty and a nice post run treat.


PM: 5.8 miles around the parks with my buddy Jeff. I really like talking to Jeff. He is a fellow ambassador for the FLRTC team and is a barrel of knowledge. He informed me that you can convince our co-op to sell you 35lbs of peanut butter! I will not do this, but it’s good to know if I ever have 24 kids.

Thursday: 12.9 miles @ 7:58 pace

Friday: 13 miles @ 8:01 pace

I think I’ve discovered that my “comfortable but still kind of hard” pace is around 8 minutes per mile. Both these runs were the same loop, composed of rolling hills. I don’t remember anything standing out about them except that I started early so I got to watch the sun come up. I enjoy that quite a lot.

Saturday: 8.4 milesΒ @ 7:47 pace

This route is pancake flat but still feels hard after back to back 13 milers. I really appreciate that there are multiple bathroom stops along the way so if I don’t go before I have options along the way. One thing that has changed as I’ve matured as a runner is accepting mid-run breaks. If I need to stop, I do. The run hasn’t been ruined because I had to take a break to relieve myself.

Sunday: 26.1 miles total

AM run 1: 16 miles @ 8:08 pace

Today I decided to simulate a marathon. I had no idea if I could do this and was comfortable if I had to stop or cut it short. I got up early and ran my 16 mile route, came home, ate and then headed to the Ithaca 5 and 10 road race.

AM run 2: 10.1 miles @ 7:43 pace


When I started this run, I was unsure if I would do 5 or 10 miles. I started the 10 and then if I needed to stop, I would. I actually felt good except for the need to use the bathroom. I really had to go and there were no stops. The last two miles I was praying so hard to make it. I finished and met my goal!

Total: 87 miles

I’ll write more about the race tomorrow when I’ve had time to process making my 26 mile day goal. I had to work after the race and usually I am dragging. However, as soon as I hydrated, I was feeling good. Tired, yes, but not cranky, sick or sore. I consider that a success.

Do you watch the sunrise everyday?

Ever needed to go so badly but there was no place to do so?



  1. Holy moly — hope you’re supplementing all those miles with plenty of muffins, girl! πŸ™‚ Seriously, though, nice week. I work nights, so I do get to see the sunrise quite often. And yes, I’ve had the urge and been ill equipped, as well. It sucks!!

  2. I often use nature as a bathroom for number one, but try to hold it as much as I can for number two. ONE time at the end of a 9mile run I swore I wasn’t going to make it…I was so scared.

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