The Ithaca 5 and 10 race recap

I have never been one to not “race” a race. The gun goes off and even if I go out really conservatively, I end up putting all I have into it. I still think I gave all I had at this race, but it was considerably less than it would have been normally.


I decided to use the ten mile race as a fast finish to a longer run. I like going long, but also enjoy company when I get lonely after a couple hours.

The morning began at 6AM with my favorite 16 mile loop out to Ellis Hollow and back. The rolling hills, fog, light rain and podcast in my ears made a great relaxing first run. I averaged 8:08 pace for those miles and made it back in time to eat, do my devotionals, pray before the race and make it in time to start.

I got to the race, picked up my race bib and met with some other FLRTC runners. It started to rain and I wondered if I had under dressed. It was a chilly morning run, but a T-shirt was all I had.

The race began a bit after 9:30AM, which was unfortunate because I had to work at CTB at 11:00. That meant I needed to get ten miles done in under 1.5 hours. Not an easy task after 16 that morning. My friend Jeff and I ran together for the first couple miles. Quite honestly, I felt fine in my legs and energy, but I had to use the bathroom in the worst way!

I think I over-fed myself in between runs (I think I got down around 1,000 calories of PB&J) and it really hit me hard. The second five miles I lost Jeff and it was looking like a rough road ahead. The teams from Cornell and IC were cheering us on and directing traffic and kept saying to me “way to work together!” I had no idea what they meant, until a girl next to me told me I was so polite to thank all the volunteers as I went by. It turn out she and I were the running team they were talking about!

For the next five miles, I talked to her and she kept the thoughts of my bowel doom out of my mind. I really don’t think I would have made it without her. At the end, I let her kick it out and I cruised in, passed the finish line and made it for the bathroom. I forgot to stop my Garmin. It was coming either way.

I don’t know what my finishing time was (not too concerned) but my Garmin said I ran 7:43 miles. I am pretty happy with that! My two part long run was a success.

When I looked at the time it was 10:56…so I bee-lined it to work only getting one photo with my team. I worked at CTB for 7.5 hours, then got home and crashed.

The funny thing is, my legs feel great! They felt fresh the next day and not sore at all. I took Monday off, but really felt no residual damage. I am happy to have handled 26 miles very well.

Less than two weeks to Ragnar!

Have you ever done a race as part of a long run?



  1. I’ve never done a race as a run finish myself, but I love the idea! I struggle with the bathroom issues as well, and I have to say, I’ve had some pretty desperate, miserable moments.

    • It’s such a challenge because sometimes I have no problem and others it’s a bear! I cannot find a pattern with food or anything 😦

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