I’m Over Labels

Labels are a necessity of life. How would we know what people to like, who to follow and what trends to watch?

I’m over them.


Let me explain.

I have labelled myself a lot in the past. Vegan. Runner. Bookworm. Bagel sandwich artist. Those are my current ones. In the past I was the sports girl, the goody-two-shoes, the smart one, the loud one, the cow (yes, that was my childhood bully favorite).

All these labels, some good, some bad, made me feel like I was a part of something. Sports were my thing. School was my thing. I could eat a hell of a lot. Even though I hated the “cow” nickname, it was something that I characterized myself as. These things gave me a sense of comfort. A normalcy that I dealt with because is was familiar. I could compare it to going to your parent’s house, even if you hate it, because your bed is there and that is something you like.

Recently, I went overboard with one specific label: vegan.

First I went vegetarian, then vegan and then raw till 4. Now, I am feeling a bit…burned out? My job has been busy lately. I have had a load of car problems. I just started a new job where the learning curve is steep. I am trying to coordinate Ragnar plans with work and then with going to DC the weekend after. I have been doing a lot. In addition to that, I feel as though I am not committed to vegan activism as I once did.

I felt really bad about this. I do think what is happening to some animals is awful. I recognize the impacts of the environment that the overconsumption with animal products can have. I also understand that obsessing about this has not been good for me lately.

So, I’m over it. I do not have as much passion for activism as I did. That’s ok. I’m human.


One label I never want to lose is Christian. I am a child of God. I have let that lag for the past year as I discovered new things. I don’t want this to happen again. I think you can be both a Christian and a vegan, but right now I need to focus on my spiritual growth more than my veganism. I believe God is calling me back toward Him in this way.

So what does this mean for me? Quite honestly, I’m not sure. I’m done with any label outside of Christian. I am recommitting myself to becoming more like Christ daily. I am going to stop worrying about vegan things as much. I will still never eat meat. If I don’t know the ingredients in something and I want to eat it, I will. I am done letting veganism become an idol.


That is my rant for now. One label is all I can handle for now.

What is your label?



  1. I think you have your eyes set on the only label that matters 🙂 It’s definitely easy to get distracted from it with all the other labels that are constantly being tossed at us, but as long as we focus on that ONE, then everything else seems to fall into place on its own.

  2. Like you I have [had] many labels in life and yes, they can get exhausting. While I like the idea of belonging to a certain group of people I don’t think about the labels I might bear in daily life. When I still feel a certain label is in any way limiting me in my actions and choices I make an effort to ditch it. I’m happy to hear you’re doing the same.

  3. This sounds like a great decision for you, especially because it’s testing the waters in letting go of some of the control you (seem to) love to have. I wish you nothing but the best! And having a firm faith will help, I’m sure. Keep up the growth!! It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

  4. Hi Ellie
    I wanted to thank you for removing those triggering photos after my comment to you the other week. I, and I’m sure many many others, really appreciate that you took responsibility for it and did something proactive (rather than getting all huffy and defensive like some other bloggers….) I personally believe your blog is richer for it. It already seems like such a more positive space here 🙂 When I initially commented, I basically planned to never come back (just to protect my own recovery and health!), but after your thoughtful response popped up in my email, I opted to follow up, and was so happy to see the pictures gone! Thank you so much for being mature and responding to constructive criticism in a polite and thoughtful way. You have got yourself a new reader here 🙂

    By the way – I think your choice to focus on your faith instead of grabbing on to lifestyle labels is a very smart one. Veganism was something I myself had to let go of when I realized that my motives were not pure and I ended up twisting it into just one more thing to control and feel bad about. From what I gather (not being religious myself), no one ever regrets getting closer to God 🙂 Good for you for choosing to focus on something that EXPANDS your horizons rather than limits them.

    • Bah, I just realized my comment may come across like I’m putting veganism down…. Not my intention! I think its a great choice for certain people, and I applaud people who do their best to limit their use of animal products to the best of their ability. Veganism itself is not a limiting choice, it only becomes so when one’s motives behind making this choice get muddied and it becomes more a source of negative energy, rather than a positive (such as what happened with me). Just wanted to clarify! I do think you have made the right choice for yourself, based on what you wrote in your post. And you know what? You’re very young; you’re at an age when it’s very common to “try on” different personas/labels/lifestyles/beliefs/identities/etc, and there’s no shame in figuring out that it didn’t work for you. As you get older, more and more pieces will fall into place and you will learn what works best for you, and become the woman you are meant to be. Of course there is going to be trial and error along the way! That’s life, and that’s growing up 🙂

      • Thanks E! Your comments are so thoughtful and I really appreciate them. I am very glad you brought what you did to my attention. I think my blog is a space for me to talk and say things about my day. I’m not trying to promote anything anymore. I don’t classify myself as a Healthy Living Blogger but know the persona I display affects people different ways. Thanks for giving me another chance 🙂 ❤

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