Newish Fall Ramblings

Last week it felt like fall was officially upon us. The weather was rather chilly, the leaves were changing and I began to look for winter running gear. I had my first numb hands run since last Spring, and was oddly excited to bust out the gloves and spandex.


It was not to last. Fall is waiting to make her grand appearance (probably with snow haha) and I have not had to run with gloves yet. This morning I regretted my long sleeved shirt, but loved running through leaves and past trees that were more red than green.

Other things that change with the leaves are the predominant foods. I’m not talking pumpkin spice lattes or candy corn here, I’m talking potatoes, burritos and sausages. Hearty meals that leave me feeling warm and full. I don’t think I avoid these foods when it’s hot out, I simply would rather have fruit, ice cream and other things I don’t have to warm up. Summer is the perfect season for the lazy chef.


Things I have been enjoying are potato knishes made for Rash Hashana. The bakery sends really festive food this time of year and potato knishes are something I will never not love. They are so dense, so flaky and basically sit in your stomach. Dip them in BBQ sauce. On point!


Breakfast burritos for a rare coworker brunch. Usually we don’t often get to take our breaks together. Yesterday was one such chance so burritos were a necessity. I love slow casual meals. I have no problem taking over an hour for a meal. Brunch was only a half hour, but it felt longer than that. Just sitting and talking instead of looking at my phone felt really good. We were both also starving, so it was a good mix. You know those times you go out to eat and you yourself are starving (every time) and the person you are with is not. So you get like three sandwiches and they get a scone. It ends up being awkward because I’m two bites into my sandwich and they are done. So then they stare at you eating. Good times. Not. I’m glad this brunch wasn’t like that πŸ™‚


Keeping up with the food topic, I grilled some Field Roast breakfast sausages last night for breakfast this morning. I could not resist eating a couple bites last night. They have a great depth of flavor and will taste fantastic on my breakfast sandwiches this week.

A final note, I’ve gotten back into the crossword. I used to be addicted to them back when I lived at my parent’s house. I only would do them in pen. I would not pick up a game after I stopped playing. I began new everyday. It was something I did not feel bad about not finishing and had no problem picking up a brand new one each morning. They have made a return. I do them when it’s slow at work. I am getting my coworkers interested too…or well they like to help me answer or look up stuff for me. Bonding is real.


What are your favorite fall comfort foods that aren’t pumpkin?

How long does it take you to eat?



  1. I love crossword puzzles! I am fortunate because I work at a bookstore and everyday someone makes multiple copies of the crosswords and leaves them in the break room for employees to take. I always help myself. The Sunday New York Times is the best. It makes me laugh because our break room may be the only one in the country where sometimes every single person in there is either reading or working on a crossword puzzle (or Sudoku.) Often no one talks or looks at their phone. Pretty rare these days!

    I do adore pumpkin but it has become kind of overused in the past couple of years. It is put in everything. When I was a kid I always looked forward to the new crop of apples (I grew up in Washington state and apples are a big crop there.) For only a short period of time there was this variety called Jonathan but I haven’t been able to find them since moving to California. I’m also a fan of homemade soups, rutabagas (maybe more of a winter food?) and pomegranates. Of course, considering that it was 110 degrees and humid last weekend I am not ready to eat heartier fare just yet!

    • You coworker sounds like the best person ever for making copies of the crossword! Major props to them! I agree that pumpkin in over-used. I can take it or leave it. It’s funny you mention rutabagas because to end the farmers market here in October, we have a rutabaga toss πŸ™‚ They major always loses lol

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