Playing Jedi Mind Tricks

Life has been coming at me strong since the trees began to change color. All good things I assure you, but as all opportunities, they take energy. Last Friday I went to Campus Crusade at Cornell for some Christian fellowship. I saw a retweet about it from @Cornell last Wednesday and noticed that I only had to work until 3PM that day. I had this overwhelming urge to go, so I did! What a great time of singing, listening and just being around other people on fire for God.


Then on Sunday I went to church! This is the first time I had gone since Christmas (!!!) Again I felt a strong pull toward fellowship, so I went with it. Although I was really thirsty the whole time, I felt at peace. I knew I had a busy day at work ahead, but I did not feel anxious about it. It simply was and I knew God would get me through it.

On Sunday I also had a battle over a piece of Oreo cake with my coworker. Here is the situation: a funky looking (non-sellable) piece of cake was in the “spot” in the pastry case where people can take it. I saw it and it was there for a couple hours so I figured it was fair game. So I took that and put it in the cooler to take home later…well my coworker had his eye on it and had claimed it without my knowledge. He then took the container and wrote his name on it…even though I had it in the cooler. Needless to say, we had a bit of a “discussion” around it (playfully I swear) and he gave me the sad eyes, so I gave in and he took it.


Well, the next morning it was STILL IN THE COOLER! He forgot it!!! I took a picture of it and sent him a strongly worded (playful) text message about how it was mine now. He came into work later and still said he wanted it. I decided we were in a Jedi mind battle and so we glared at each other for the rest of the shift. At the end of the shift, I took the cake (which he said he had thrown out because he didn’t want it anymore) and put it in his backpack. I wonder how long it will take him to find it πŸ˜‰ Oh the crazy at CTB!

Other fun fallish food surround pretzels. Look at these cute shapes! I don’t even like football but I can get into them πŸ™‚


To finish up the last of my sausage, I made oatmeal, added the sausage and stirred in cheese. I had this before church and it kept me full till I went on break at 3:00PM. It was also DELICIOUS!


Do you play jokes on your coworkers?

Oreo pie? HECK YES!



  1. Lol at playing jokes on your coworker! I’m all alone when I work (well, I’m with animals) so I don’t get to play any human to human jokes on anyone! I like the idea of savory oatmeal. Yum! Also, love the adorable football shaped pretzels!

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