Member appreciation, sister fun and RAGNAR!

Right now I am represnting the running store at Island Health and Fitness for member appreciation day. I seriously could talk about running all day. I love this! I have been rambling on about our store and the services we provide (gait analysis etc). This is SO MUCH FUN! People who just finished exercising are so vibrant and love to listen to my tell them how great our store is.

I am also fortunate to be sharing a space with Early Morning Farm CSA. They brought SMOOTHIES! Why didn’t I think of that? People are asking me if they can get a scone like the one I am eating at the store. I don’t think that’s the market we’re into, but if the looks of my scone are encouraging people to come over, I’m all for it!

This evening my sister and I are getting together for dinner. She is treating me to Chipotle (well, that’s the plan for now) so you know that’s gonna be GREAT! She sent me the sweetest card in the mail yesterday and I was over the moon for the whole day (or, well until the end of work). It’s amazing what a random act of Christian kindness can do to lift your spirits. 

Speaking of running, tonight I leave for Syracuse and tomorrow morning we leave for RAGNAR ADK! I am so excited but also so nervous! What if I cannot maintain a fast pace for three separate runs? What if I go off course? All these things run through my mind, but it’s a good anxiety. I am really happy to be on this team and going on this mini vacation. I cannot wait to take pictures and make new friends. Wish me luck!

That’s all I have for today! Hook up with Amanda for more thinking out loud fun!



  1. Oh my gosh, I hope you have so much fun this weekend!!! Rest up and I’ll cross my fingers for good weather for you πŸ™‚

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