Food, Rain and more FOOD [DCVegFest 2015]

I’ve always wanted to go to a Vegfest. Ok, that might be a stretch, but ever since I heard they existed (after I went vegan of course because we exclude anyone else) it seemed like a really fun thing to do. The gist is this: vendors, samples, food, music and speakers with a common theme: not meat. I don’t want to say they are focused on fruits and vegetables (they had some yes) but put a larger emphasis on mock meat and cheese products.

More chick’n, less tempeh and tofu. More cake and less “raw cookie dough balls”.

I decided about 6 months ago that I would take my first vacation this year. The DC Vegfest was about 6 months away and perfectly fit the bill.


I left Friday at 3PM after I finished work. It was about a six hour drive if I was superhuman and didn’t stop to pee, get gas or move my legs. My GPS did also no account for the torrential downpour that was Hurricane Joaquin making me drive 70 instead of 80.

I listened to about a million podcasts and arrived to my hotel at around 10PM. I checked in and the fire alarm went off. They knew I was coming. The staff assured us it was a malfunction and encouraged us to go back to our rooms. I was exhausted so I did just that. As soon as I opened the door to my paradise, the alarm stopped. I probably would have fallen asleep anyway.


The next morning, I decided to walk to the festival since it was only a mile away. However, my GPS did also not account for all the construction and blocked off roads. I swear, people in Ithaca complain about our construction…we have NOTHING compared to D.C. It was also lightly raining and a bit chilly. I finally made it to the festival at about 11:20 and I was starving. I looked around for a bit taking all the free samples (“Oh, you have 6 different cheeses? Well, don’t mind if I do!”) finally deciding to get breakfast lunch at a food truck called DC ballers. I am a sucker for falafels.



I got my sandwich and walked across the parking lot from the festival to Starbucks to get out of the rain and have something warm. I think Starbucks is bitter, so I made sure to order the blonde roast with extra room for creamer. It wasn’t so bad and the cups are kind of cute.


It was nice to sit for a minute and plan my day. A couple people from my racing team were going to be there, so I had plans to meet up with them later. I was SO EXCITED TO SEE RICH ROLL! I really could not hold it in.


I walked back to the festival and decided to get into the LOOOOONG line for Vegan Treats. Now, let me tell you about these company. They make orgasmically good desserts.


Ok, that’s all that needs to be said.

The line was all the way down the block. I ended up standing in it for 2 hours. Worth it.

While I stood in line, I met up with some Strong Hearts and we made plans to brunch the next day. I also started talking with the girls behind me which made the time pass. We ended up getting lunch while in line and they held my spot when I went to see Rich, his wife Julie and David Carter, the 300 pound vegan.



The food we got was this southern style comfort food. Mac and cheese and BBQ wings. SO GOOD!



After what seemed like FOREVER (but not really) we made it to the end of the Vegan Treats line. I thought I had died and woke up in a sugar coated heaven. There were so many things and I wanted them ALL! It was hard to choose…but I narrowed it down to the Speculous chunk cake and the chocolate peanut butter vegan donut.



Other things they had were cannolis, chicken and waffles donuts, cinnamon buns, peanut butter cakes, peanut butter cups…basically anything you could dream up.




My belly was very happy after this day. After Gene Bauer spoke, I started to get that chilled feeling where you’ve been outside for a long time and your body wants you to find a source of warmth. I said my goodbyes to people and made my way back to my hotel. A warm shower was all I needed.

I ended the night with a trip to Whole Foods (my first time!) and a book in my huge bed. I was whipped!

Tomorrow I’ll recap our brunch at Sticky Fingers Vegan Bakery.

Have you ever been to a vegfest?

Who wants a Vegan Treat?



  1. Seattle has a Vegfest every March and I used to go each year, but have missed the last two! I love it, but also end up leaving fuller than a fully pumped soccer ball. So much food.

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