Sticky Fingers Bakery

The morning after the DC Vegfest I met a friend and his wife at Sticky Fingers bakery in downtown DC for brunch. He highly suggested it and after reviewing the menu, I had to agree. It sounded like CTB, but smaller and more vegan.


In fact, everything in the place was vegan which makes ordering really easy. I don’t have to say “Can I have vegan cheese?” because that is assumed already. I was also drawn to the name. Sticky Fingers just sounds delicious to me. I do not consider my burrito a success unless there is a bit of love juice running down my hands.

I had briefly looked over the menu before telling my friend we should go there, so getting there a bit before them, I had more time to decide what I wanted. When we made plans the day before, I was craving sweet things so the french toast and sticky buns were what drew me toward the place. However, after eating a lot of sweet things the day before, I was more than ready for savory.

I was deciding between the breakfast burrito and the BLT ranch wrap before I was pointed toward the special of the day. Sticky Fingers has a specific brunch menu that includes the french toast, pancakes and homefries. I was drawn to the chorizo breakfast tacos complete with chorizo seitan, tofu scramble, avocado, spinach and tomato.

The wrap was very flavorful. I used to think I did not like tofu scramble. However, once you have tofu scramble that is seasoned appropriately, it is delicious. I also think I was afraid it would taste like eggs…which is does not. Thank Jesus because I do not like the taste of eggs. The seitan was done is a lovely spanish sausage style and was not too spicy. The avocado added creaminess and balance to the meal. It was delicious and I would order it again. I actually tried to recreate it at CTB today with some success.


My friend go the French toast with homefries and tofu scramble. It looked really great! The only thing I would have liked would maybe to have bigger pieces. If I were to just get the French Toast and not to platter like he did, I would not have been filled up.


Overall, I had a great experience. It was not crowded and our food was hot and fast. On the way out I grabbed a “sweet and salty” cookie suggested ot me by both my friend and the staff. I ended up bringing it home and split it with my roommate. We liked it but the salt was a bit overpowering. I would eat it again, but not everyday.

I hope to go back!

Are you a salty or sweet breakfast person?

What is your favorite brunch food?



  1. This looks so good! Brunch is my favourite meal! I love poached egg avocado spinach and tomato on toast, or if I’m feeling like something sweet banana cinnamon French toast where the banana is mushed into the egg mixture before frying, om nom nom!

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