Wednesday Eats and the Dessert Sandwich

Holy moly yesterday was a sugar high waiting to happen! I honestly think my body might not be as sensitive to sugar, because I seem to eat a lot of sweet things, but do not really get a surge of energy (outside the normal) and do not crash.


[Selfie in my favorite shirt]

I do not think of myself as a desserts person. I can take it or leave it. I think my coworkers beg to differ considering I walked into work today and was greeted to a cup of “leftover frosting” from a few mistake pastries. I normally DO NOT eat this for breakfast, but once in a while, I cannot say no. I worked at 8AM this morning and did not have breakfast after my speed session before coming in. Frosting for breakfast will make me speedy? I’ll believe that at least for today.



[Apple cinnamon frosting]

I do the salad bar orders for CTB each Sunday and wondered if I would get tofu kan (a local Ithaca Tofu specialty) if I ordered it. Sometimes I do not get what I order, so it was a long shot. Praise Jesus they sent me some!!! The block on the left is a tofu steak. It is salty, dense and delicious. If you have never had tofu kan, order it. Order it now!


I think I may have also invented something: The Dessert Sandwich. Throw me a bone here for a second. Last night I was closing and knew I would be eating dinner when I got home. I wanted something substantial…but also wanted Oreos…so a thought occurred to me…why not put them in my sandwich?! I mean, I have Nutella and PB sandwiches, chocolate and PB…chocolate sandwich cookies and PB…same thing in my book. Here is a step-by-step document of how to make it:


And here is a happy Ellie!


So much for my “Plants have protein” shirt πŸ˜‰

Have you made a dessert sandwich?

What was your lunch today?


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