It’s The Little Blessings

Good morning fall weather! I honestly cannot argue with the temperatures and views outside. Fall running has always been hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes it seems the moment I step out the door, a downpour ensues. Actually, let’s be real, this is Upstate NY, usually it’s a snow storm. Last fall I spent a lot of time on the treadmill. I know my treadmill time is coming…


…but if I can push that running farther into the season, I most certainly will! This morning I had my Wednesday morning group. It was really dark when we started and luckily one woman brought her headlamp. It’s a good thing she did because she has a habit of running in the middle of the road. It gives me severe anxiety, but nothing we say makes much difference, so I try to ignore it.

Want to know what else gives me anxiety? Bagel Tuesday. Which happened this week. What is bagel Tuesday? We sell a dozen bagels for $6.50 (whereas it usually costs $9.95). People line up and it can get chaotic. Thankfully, God has been answering my anxiety prayers recently because the day went by relatively smoothly. I was actually able to leave on time (!!!) which almost never happens.


Little blessings are giving me such joy. I have wonderful coworkers who I get along with. I have a steady job that allows me not to have to grocery shop. I have a relationship with my sister that is just right. We are not clingy or needy, but text each other funny things and keep in contact. I have a car that works (even if I barely use it). So many things are great.

I actually have this weekend off (from CTB, I still work at the running store) and that is a nice change. Hopefully my friend and I can get some decorating done, as the gourds and pumpkins I brought are in random piles in our house. She’s been sick and I’ve been busy. This weekend hopefully we can get to it.



So much to be thankful for!

Who is ready for fall?

What is your greatest blessing today?


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