Saturday [Stories]

Sometimes I come across really amazing people on the internet. I read about their journey and am in complete awe. Whether I can relate totally or not at all, I find a joy in sharing what they have to say. 

Be open, be inspired or just have a good time reading.

Why I Choose To Look Beautiful While Dying
Sometimes, getting ready is a struggle. I’ve just come back from my run, it’s cold but I’m also sweating, my cat wants to snuggle, all I want to do is eat etc…I just want to wear sweats and call it a day. I do know however that when I dress more nicely, I feel prettier and my mood significantly improves. 

In a different light, when I am sick it is a struggle to get out of bed let alone dress classy. While reading this article, I was humbled because I do not know true sickness. I do not know the pain that comes everyday with knowing you will pass on soon. I can imagine, as the author implies, that the depression and hopelessness would make my sweats look even more desireable. It takes a great deal of effort and courage to rock an outfit when death is so apparent. I was inspired by this author and hope you will be well.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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