Tuesday [Tangents and haters]

Good morning people and thanks to all the Instagram love on my recent brownies post. I do not link this blog with my Instagram, but if you want to follow me I’m E11epe11


Yesterday was a long closing shift at work. Sometimes I get worried when I go in because there is a lack of staffing. Yesterday was one such day. There were three of us after 1PM. I get it, I know I can handle anything that comes and value the confidence that CTB has in me…but sometimes I wish that just because I can do all the work does not mean I want to do all the work. I like to think of my job as a team sport. Each of us helps out to get all the things done. Some days I feel a bit taken advantage of. My coworker summed it up on Saturday evening after I had gotten called in to work.

Me: “Sometimes I wish I didn’t work so hard so I didn’t get called in all the time.”

My coworker: “Sometimes I wish the sky was blue when it’s cloudy Ellie but that ain’t ever gonna happen.”

Sounds about right.

We had so many bagels left over last night that I bagged them up and plan to drive them to my parent’s house tomorrow (DAY OFF) and share the love. I just hate throwing away perfectly good bread. Our freezer cannot really handle too much more and neither can my roommate’s boyfriend. Family to the rescue!


One other thing that has been on my mind is cyber bulling and haters. A recent episode of This Week Tonight with John Oliver addressed cyber bullying and the toll that it takes upon the recipient. Some of the women had death threats, fake porn accounts created for them and suffered severe emotional damage. Quite honestly, I don’t know who has enough time or who could put in the effort to do that to someone. Really what is the point of these forums just ripping bloggers, politicians and celebrities apart? Don’t you have something better to be doing?

This got me thinking about all the talent that these people (the haters) have that they are wasting on the internet making other people’s lives miserable. Quite honestly, they write pretty well even if it garbage. It would behoove them to do something constructive rather than destructive with that ability.

Just saying.

What are your tangents?

Do you pawn off food on your friends/parents?Β 



  1. I love what you said about cyber bullies having so much talent, but using it in the wrong way. I never thought of it in that way. I love how you think about things, it always gets my gears turning!!

    Also, those brownies are on point!

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