TOL [The Differences Between Facebook and Twitter]

Inspired by this Buzzfeed article, I began to ponder the ways in which I present myself differently on Facebook versus Twitter.

I don’t like to think of myself as putting on a difference face across social media. Honestly, if I am asked about something, I say how I feel occasionally sugar coating an issue depending on the audience. For example, if one were to ask “Why are you a vegan?” I would sugar coat the answer by saying “I care about the animals.” Rather than the actual answer “I merciless slaughter and torture of sentient beings is cruel and unnecessary in the world we live in and I do not wish to be a part of it.”

Like that.

When it comes to Facebook and Twitter, they are very different for me, but not because I change my views across each platform, but because of what each means for me.


Facebook is meant for the purpose of joking, catching up and sharing life pictures to my friends and family. I do not [usually] get into debates, offer advice or input or show pictures other than of myself or friends. I like to think of Facebook as dinner party conversation worthy. You don’t discuss politics, religion or things that cause too much of a stir. I simply use it as a means of chit chat. This is my take, obviously people will differ.


Twitter for me is more fun because I can retweet thing I believe, rant about topics I deem worthy and follow whoever I want [and usually forget I followed them]. On Twitter, I do not associate with too many friends or family. My youth pastor or old English teacher is not following me. I know this might sound like I post naked selfies and am safe from their eyes. This is not the case, but I do feel more at ease with what I retweet. I am not watched by people who I feel will judge me or people who I want to see me in a perfect light. Twitter has allowed me to come out of my shell a bit more, learn about things that interest me even if the content can be taboo and show another side of my personality.

I could never rant onΒ Facebook about how stupid I think hunting is because my family and friends are hunters. I could never go into the dangers of consuming meat and dairy and how most stomach or sickness could be cured by adding in more plants and reducing animal consumption. I also would not want to. That is not what Facebook is for me.

My rule [though I break it sometimes] is that I would never post anything on Facebook [outside of groups that I am in] that would make someone else uncomfortable at a dinner party.


For Twitter, I don’t have too many rules outside of I know God is watching me and I am His ambassador. I try not to swear [though I have] and I try not to go too far outside mainstream Christianity [again, I do sometimes as I do not think “The Church” is always right].

What are your Twitter and Facebook rules?

Which platform are you more active?



  1. Wow this is so interesting! I never thought of Facebook and Twitter in those ways, but now that I am… it makes so much sense! I only have FB and insta right now, but twitter seems fun (and FUNNY)!
    Great little article!

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