WIAW [October 28, 2015]

I’ve never attempted to blog while I ride a bike. This is an interesting experience I’ll say. Usually I read while cruising along and will probably do that when I finish this post. But first, it’s time for the biggest foodie link up on the internet! Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Breakfast: I have been experimenting with some new banana bowls and adding in new flavors. This week I had left over shredded carrots from the salad bar at work so I made a carrot cake style banana bowl. Adding in some cinnamon, nutmeg and protien powder made it a nice thick consistency. I then microwaved it for 2 minutes and topped it with PB.

Lunch: After reading this article on One Green Planet about fabulous places to get vegan pizza in NYC, I was craving a pizza bagel. I made one half with sauce, mushrooms and cheese and the other half with avocado and sprouts. On the side I had some minestrone soup. Perfect for dipping.

Snack: Blended raspberry tea. Perfectly hydrating.

Dinner: Hummus sandwich with a bowl of cauliflower and baby corns. If you don’t adore baby corns, stop reading this, because I am addicted to them. I even made them into “fries” once by coating them in olive oil and roasting them in the oven. They are great!

Dessert: Chocolate cake provided by CTB

What did you eat today?



    • I really liked it when I followed it last year. It’s good for me because it is a lower mileage plan (I mean that in there are no long runs over I think 16 miles) and because I do my winter running on the treadmill, I didn’t have to suffer for 3 plus hours on that thing. Following it last year, I won a half marathon so it will make you fast! I hope you find success! xoxo

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