Friday Favorites [10/30/2015]

Good morning to you all! I feel like today is my “day off” because I only have to work at one job and it’s not CTB. 6 hours talking about running and selling shoes and then I can catch up on things at home (laundry, cook something?) I had a fabulous speed workout this morning and feel ready to take on the day…or sit on my butt at work πŸ™‚

2 mile warm up

Pyramid workout at 6:00 per mile pace with 400 meter recovery at 10:00 minute pace between each interval


2 mile cool down

I sweated to the extreme through this! It feels good to remember what going fast is. When I am running outside, I like doing distance. When I am on the treadmill, speed play keeps my mind occupied. The first interval though, that is a mind battle. I never think I can do it until I’m doing it. Does anyone else experience this?

Today I am linking up with Heather for 5 Things Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

5 Things I Read:

In Defense Of Low Fat: I have been very skeptical of Denise Minger’s work. For a while it seemed like she was guilty of finding research to support the way she lived her life. I may stand corrected. This is a great accumulation of research on the findings of truly low fat diets. I applaud her writing and may be a new fan.

The WHO Deems Red Meat a Group 1 Carcinogen : I get it, many things we consume cause cancer. Many people will not stop eating bacon. However, being vegan for ethical reason causes this report to be a huge win. Health conscious consumers will eat less meat, therefore killing less animals and that is the point for me.

Screw Your Passion : I wrote about this yesterday. Please give it a read!

NFL’s Brandon Marshall to Combat Mental Health Stigma : This is kind of incredible. A man in arguably a very “manly” sport where mental illness may be considered weak has designed a clothing line to advocate for better care for the mentally ill. Cheers!

10 Thoughts Introverts Have About Parties : All of the above for me. I am guilty of getting so stressed about details I don’t want to go anymore because I am exhausted…

5 Things I Pinned:






5 Things I Want To Eat:

Potato Latkes


Flatbread anyone?


Chocolate peanut butter brownies


Vegan dirt and worms!


Acorn squash soup


What’s your favorite speed workout? Give me some ideas to get me through the winter!



  1. LOL so hard at the “When you prove a customer wrong” picture!! Too funny. I know what you mean about feeling like one job (versus the other) doesn’t feel like work because you enjoy it so much!

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