Saturday and Halloween!

Happy Caturday (and Halloween)!

Let’s start this post with a fun Disney Channel game

Would You Rather for Disney Channel Lovers
I decided not to really dress up today as I am working both my jobs and that would be a hassle. I did wear striped spandex so I kind of look like a referee…but it doesn’t really count. 

Yesterday Ithaca had it’s trick-or-treating downtown extravaganza so we handed out candy at the running store. Honestly, I was not impressed with our candy selection. We had these organic lollipops and fig bars. That is one step above getting pencils or apples. I wanted some Reese’s.

The best thing about Halloween is the day after when all the candy is marked down. That’s when I go to town and buy candy corn, candy corn flavored M&Ms and stuff that is great for my teeth. I think candy corn would be great long run fuel. I heard candy corn explained yesterday as the cilantro of candy, either you hate it or you love it. I love it. No shame.

Other than rambling about my job and cats, I don’t have much to talk about today so I’ll share some memes.

Happy Halloween!


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