Happy Sunday everyone! It is November 1st already and I am ready for it. When the months change from October to November I feel like my body says “Ok, it is now supposed to be cold” and I am ready to enjoy it. I also have some fun things coming up this month! On November 21st I go to volunteer for the second year at Farm Sanctuary’s Celebration for the Turkeys. I cannot wait to have this experience again! It’s my Thanksgiving so I really look forward to being with a lot of other vegans and eating a lot of food. Hopefully this year I’ll know more people 🙂

I am happy to be participating in Amanda’s link love. It might be my favorite day to read blogs. Everyone finds such great reads, I hope you enjoy mine as much as I do!


Have a wonderful day and week!


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Police Brutality Against Black Women Surfaces via The Huffington Post
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Candy Corn Explained via Vox

Why This Elite Athlete Thinks All Runners Are Sociopaths via HuffPost Live
NYCM Themed Shoes via Runner’s World
How Long To Recover Between Intervals via Runner’s World



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