Monday Weekend Recap [Ithaca Is Wizards]

This past weekend was a lot of fun and also pretty crazy!


I did a speed workout on the treadmill called a “Pyramid”. Essentially it is a fast workout where you do a 400 followed by an 800, then 1200 and then 1600 and then go back down to 1200, 800, 400 all with a 400 meter rest in between. I felt really strong completing that!

I worked at the running store from 10-4 and learned how to inventory correctly. It’s really funny that I’ve been working there for a while, but still feel so new. Part of the reason is that I am only there when Lisa cannot be. Therefore, she has trained me, but told me not to do inventory type things until she can teach me properly. I guess someone had been doing it wrong so she wanted to make sure we all knew. So really all I do when I am there is sell products, talk about running or do random things that the owner asks of me.

Well, my coworker taught me how to inventory shoes and socks this past weekend. It’s not really that complicated, there are just many steps because my boss owns three stores and we share merchandise. Therefore we have to enter in the product for all the stores, and then do it again for our store. Whew, I’m sweating already, are you?


[I got new shoes that ARE NOT Kinvaras!!]

When I got done with work I went to the dollar store to get some animal crackers and stationary and then just relaxed. It was really nice not to have to work two jobs that day.


It was HARRY POTTER MANIA in Ithaca! I worked at the running store at 10 but asked to sneak over to Diagon Alley around noon to check out the HP festivities. It was really neat! There were different sections set up just like Hogsmade in the books. The only thing I bought was Butterbeer (so worth it) but chocolate frogs and jelly slugs and spider web cupcakes were also big ticket items. Next year I plan on volunteering. It was my childhood fantasy and people really got into it.





I worked till 4 at the running store and then headed over to CTB. It was the busiest it’s been since move in weekend back in August! Everyone and their mother came to get drinks, warm up and eat. I was supposed to only come in for an hour to do prep things in the back…I ended up staying for 4 hours and worked the register for most of that. I was really exhilarated from all the people who came in dressed up so it wasn’t too bad. After that I went home and crashed.



I went to church and then worked at CTB from 12-close. The shift wasn’t so bad, except I ate bad food so I had a tummy ache for a few hours. The backstory to that, I have wanted to try our vegan chicken salad that we sell at one of our other locations. I don’t know why because I hate anything with or that resembles mayo, but people seem to love chicken salad so I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt. Well, the other location finally sent us some so I was really excited to try it…until I took one bite and almost threw up. I couldn’t eat anymore of it. It was dreadful. I ate something else, but then my stomach started cramping and it really hurt. I drank some ginger tea which seemed to help. Oh well, I tried it but it was not to be.

At 7:45 it hit me: I have these next two days off! It’s crazayyyy!


This morning so far I have:

6 mile tempo run

Made pancakes

Burned said pancakes

Made a second breakfast after I could only eat half of burned pancakes

Attempted to make falafels (they are in the oven)

Pet Sterling while typing this

Now it’s off to do some errands and reading.

How was your weekend?

Does Harry Potter bring back childhood memories?



  1. I was never really a true fan of HP, but it reminds me of my childhood because it was such a big thing back then. I remember I was eight when the first movie came out…my third grade class could not stop talking about it, haha.

  2. Sorry about your burnt pancakes! You are adorable, by the way πŸ™‚ Enjoy those days off! The Harry Potter books came out when I was in college, but I read them all. JK Rowling is a fantastic story teller.

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