Tuesday Tangents [This is VEGAN?!]

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day. Ithaca had a high temperature of 70 degrees and I felt blessed to be able to walk to the grocery store. I love having a car, but not having to use it is also wonderful because that means it’s not freezing.

After the disastrous attempt at pancakes that morning, I vowed to redeem myself. For the pancakes I had opened a new can of pureed sweet potato…so I still had 3/4 of a can to use up. I don’t know about you, but who uses pureed sweet potato besides new moms and nursing homes?

No one.

Well, Pinterest came to the rescue. A long time ago I had pinned a bunch of falafel recipes because I was under the impression I wanted to make them. (Maybe I had a surplus of chickpeas…who knows) I had pinned this recipe for 5 ingredient sweet potato falafels which seemed really simple because you bake them. Anything I don’t have to babysit is a good thing.

Well, not only did I have all the ingredients, but they were all mixed together for me already! The falafels are essentially hummus plus sweet potatoes. I had been given A LOT of past the sell by date hummus from work a few days ago and although I love it plain figured it would do well for this recipe.

Hummus + sweet potato puree = successful falafels!

All I did was mix them up and spoon them into muffin pans (pro tip seriously) instead of putting them on a baking sheet.

They came out beautifully!

After this, I went out to mail letters, do banking and check out the 90% off Halloween candy sales.

Ok, why did no one tell me cream cheese frosting is vegan?!?!?!!?!


So therefore, I needed something to frost. So after my falafel lunch, I made brownies using this recipe as a base. Instead of peanut butter, I used one and a half cups of almonds, nixed the seeds and added CANDY CORN M&Ms to the batter. If you have not tried these, they are crack. That is what they are. Crack. No shame.

Today is another off day and so I plan to hit up the library for some books about the different Christian denominations. I am kind of excited about this!

Do you subscribe to a certain Christian sect?

Is anyone else’s favorite part of Halloween the day after?



  1. Wait cream cheese frosting is vegan??? Are you vegan? πŸ™‚ That’s super cool! I would definitely not say that I’m in a Christian ‘sect’, but I’m not a Mormon (which some people say are Christians), or a Jehovah’s witness, because they don’t believe in Christ being God. Besides that I’m a Christ follower, a child of my Heavenly Father, and a lover of studying God’s Word and delving into its rich treasures!

    • I love that answer Emily! Yes I am vegan (almost 2 years) and it is the second best decision I’ve ever made (I bet you can guess my first one!)

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