Currently: November 4, 2015

I was going to share a days worth of eats, but when I looked at my pictures, they were kind of boring. I eat the same things, the same sandwiches, the same veggies partly out of convenience (I get them from work) and partly because it’s what I like (PB&J all day).

Instead I decided to write up what I am currently into as of November 4, 2011

Current Book: And The Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers


I am making my way through all her books and they are each amazing! I have never been so rapt in a Christian fiction author before. Most of the other books of faithΒ I have read are self-help style and not that interesting. I have a new perspective.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Biking while reading


Yes, I do choose to read while logging recovery miles. I know I could take my roommate’s bike and get er done outside, but when I am loving a book and willing to be inside, I’ll take it.

Current Workout: ANYTHING SPEED


The burn hurts so good and I feel great when I get through a whole mile at 6 minute pace. I am going to be ready to race next season so help me God.

Current Need: To figure out my Christian path


Seriously I have been in prayer for what seems like the past month about this! What is the difference between denominations? How do I answer all my coworker’s questions? What do I think about homosexuality? What does God say (not what the church says, what He actually means)? What does being a Christian mean for a feminist? So many questions!!!

Current Confession: Scandal.


Yup I am addicted again and it is starting to get CRAZY. Honestly the show is something that goes against everything I believe, yet I cannot look away.

Current Food: Candy corn M&Ms


I made these brownies yesterday and added a bag of the candy to it. They took the brownies to a whole other level. Major flavor town and 90% off!

Current Blessing: My mom

She is putting on a fashion show and still is making me a cake for my birthday. This cake will not be vegan, and I am ok with that. (I will post on this later) I love her for spending time on me. I don’t feel guilty, I feel cared for.

Current Thought: “I am going to watch that show about the Bible tonight”

And off I will go.

Tell me your current blessing!



    • Right? I’ve heard people say that they only watch a certain show while they workout because it’s a treat for them. Endorphins and books? I’m totally in!

  1. Love this current post! How sweet of your mama to make you a cake for your birthday! It’s also sweet that you are so appreciative of it, too!

    You have so many good spiritual questions going on. I think it’s great that you question your beliefs and denominations. People who just accept what a church says as the end all be all can sometimes be…. lazy? I don’t know if that sounds right. I am a lot like you in that I want to be able to answer for my faith and follow what the Bible says, not a specific (read: earthly) spiritual leader. On that note, I would LOVE to hear what you have to say about feminism and Christianity. I think about it all. the. time. I am conflicted a lot on it, too!

    • I will totally email you my thoughts! I’m watching a TV show on the History Channel about the laws of the Bible. It speaks specifically about Leviticus and the almost insane rules the ancient people lived by. It makes me really happy I live now and not then. However, I wouldn’t know any different if I lived then so it probably wouldn’t seem as bad. I’ll email you and we can discuss πŸ™‚

  2. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who reads and bikes!! It’s my favourite thing right now. At first I thought you meant you biked outside and read and I was thinking that was a little dangerous haha! And daaaang those brownies sound and look awesome!

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