Link Love [November 8, 2015]

Good morning everyone! I just spent my first 24 hours being the age of 24. Yesterday was my birthday and it was nice. I went to a Cornell hockey game with my dad on Friday night and then to my mom’s fashion show on Saturday. I saw my sister and grandmother in addition to my mom. It was a great event and I am proud of my mother’s boutique. Enough rambles about that for now, it’s my favorite blog reading day of the week! Get ready for some


Have a wonderful Sunday!


Tweets All Homebodies Can Relate To via Buzzfeed

Yik Yak May Be Good For College Students? via Slate

All Too Real Tweets About You and Your Mom via Buzzfeed


Tips For Running In The Wind vis Run To The Finish


Breaking Points via Loved, and Worthy Of Love

Does The 80/20 Rule For Healthy Eating Really Work? via Fitfluential

My Struggle With Serving Two Masters via Mind Body Musings

Cat May Want To Kill You, Study Says via USA Today


Why Women Compete With Each Other vis The New York Times



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