Birthday Festivities [What Will You Struggle For?]

Good morning and happy Monday! This past weekend went by super fast but it was a lot of fun too.



I woke up and did a speed workout

15 minute warm up at 7:45 pace

2×3 miles at 6:18 pace with 3 minute recovery of 7:45 in between

15 minute cool down at 10:00 pace

I really like to take those cool downs SLOOOOOOOW

I then worked from 10-5:30 at CTB. It wasn’t a super fast day but things moved along. A good busy is what I would call it.

My dad invited me to the Cornell men’s hockey game that night. I had originally said no when he first asked because of two reasons: I don’t like sports and it’s cold in there. However, I reconsidered for one reason: I wanted to see him.

I am glad I reconsidered because it was a good game and the unseasonally warm temperatures made it a nice coolness. I was not frigid. Our team won in the last 40 seconds! Talk about exciting!


I don’t really do anything too special to celebrate. I feel a bit happier and would say I treat myself to whatever I want, but I kind of do that anyway I guess so it’s not out of the ordinary. The best thing I ate that day…and all days since then hehehe…was a pumpkin scone with cinnamon chips. OH MY LAWD it was fantastic!


I ran a really easy ten miles and watched the Food Channel at the gym. I did not go over 8:30 pace because this was a recovery run. I read somewhere on Tina Muir’s blog that for recovery runs you should go at least two minutes per mile slower than your race pace. Thanks for that tip Tina!



Sterling was obviously there to wish my happy birthday and took it upon himself to clean my shoes. He really loves the way I smell. Can’t blame the guy, it must be all the vegan goodness I consume that keeps him coming back for more. Just kidding, I smell just as good as anyone.


After that I went to my mom’s fashion show at the high school near her boutique. In case you forgot, my mom owns a store called Fabulous But Frugal. I helped design her website and did a lot of research for her before she bought the place and revamped it. This past weekend she hosted a fashion show to benefit the girl’s basketball team. The players were her models and she designed three different things for them to wear. All the girls looked great! My mom was exhausted but really proud. I saw my sister, grandmother and brother’s girlfriend at the event. Even if I don’t make a big deal about it, having family say happy birthday to you just feels good.


After the show I had to work at CTB from 3-close. It was REALLY BUSY all day. Finally it looked like things were starting to slow down around 5:30, but at 6:00 we got a huge rush that lasted for another hour and a half. I was tired by then, but it made the time go by faster. I crashed when I got home. All in all, a good birthday.


I did some recovery work at the gym while watching Rachel Ray’s Week In A Day. It was all about soup and kind of made me want it. I like thick stew and chili more than broth soup. I would rather just drink broth because it’s not very substantial.

I then went to church at New Life Presbyterian and listened to the second sermon on the Beatitudes from Mathew 5. The verse we studied was “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit” meaning the Christians who know they need to depend on God. Poor in Spirit refers to being humble before God because we can only accomplish His plan by depending on Him. It was a great sermon.

I then worked at CTB from 11-7 but got there a bit late because the sermon ran over. My boss forgot I was at church and so she was a bit irritated that I was late. We were super busy. I immediately had the defensive reaction towards her…but was successfully able to separate myself from her anger and be at peace. I think God is trying to teach me to relax more and not worry about other’s reactions to my own. I have kept this at the forefront of my mind this past week and my emotions have been more in control. It is easier to relax about things than get angry or irritable about something my coworker might have or not have done. But boy does it take practice!

I got home Sunday night, watched Scandal, read blogs and went to sleep.

This AM I have done a speed workout:

2 mile warm up at 8:30 pace


3 miles at 6:40

2 miles at 6:18

1 mile at 6:00

3 minutes at 7:45 recovery in between

2 mile cool down at 10:00

That last mile was a BRUISER! I almost thought I wouldn’t make it. I then remembered an article Julia linked to yesterday that helped me push through. Mark Manson has wrote some great posts recently that are really relevant to a twenty-something still trying to figure it out. This article focused on changing the dialog from “What do you want out of life?” to “What are you willing to suffer for?” Reward comes with sacrifice and risk.

I am willing to suffer the pain of fast workouts in order to become a better runner.

How was your weekend?

What are you willing to suffer for?



    • I have more work to do this winter, but it was a learning experience. I have so much more respect for you fulltime blogger to deal with all the website confusion! It’s kind of a pain in the butt

    • Thanks for hosting! I found your link up last night after I had posted. Next Monday I will give you kudos in the intro πŸ™‚

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