WIAW [11/11/2015]

I just got breakfast with my pastor from New Life Pres. It was great getting to know him and a few of my questions regarding the church and the Bible were answered. He also gave me a lot to think about concerning my job and friends. Alas, that is not what this post is about! Time to look back at what I ate on my birthday, Saturday November 7th.


Two mashed bananas, vanilla protein powder, carrots, chia/hemp seeds and peanut butter


Scone with PB and chili


Apple and kombucha



PB/chocolate and bananas in a wrap, chocolate animal crackers

The birthday theme was peanut butter. I can never go wrong with a day of my favorites!

What do you eat on your birthday?



    • Yes I do now. I used to not during the summer, but once I microwaved it and it sort of became like oatmeal texture-ish and it was good. When I am chilly I microwave it for 2 minutes and then top it with PB πŸ™‚

  1. Happy belated birthday!! Your birthday eats look very similar to what my day would probably look like – peanut butter and all sorts of comfort. That breakfast – I’d have to call strangebutgood! Very cool!

    • Thanks girl! I should rename that the “everything but the kitchen sink” breakfast or something about how my food is getting old and I need to use it up =P

  2. Happy (late) birthday, Ellie!! I hope you had a super great day. Look like you had some yummy sweet treats for the day. On my birthday, pasta is a must! Lasagna is my favorite, so that’s my go-to birthday meal πŸ™‚

  3. YESSSS I haven’t ever stopped by before I believe but YOU ARE AWESOME! I love this day of eats so much, I love all the peanut butter and that you had it at every meal and with chili salty and sweet, we would definitely be excellent friends I believe! HAHA but for real this made me happy!

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