Link Love [11/15/2015]

Good morning and happy Sunday! As I type this (on Saturday) it is blustery and cold outside and actually feels like November. There was snow on top of my boss’s car but thankfully not on mine.


Before I continue with the Link Love, I must ask that you take a moment right now to Pray for Paris (#prayforparis) as the city is in absolute turmoil after the terrorist attacks that occurred yesterday. Words cannot begin to describe the pain and suffering those people must be going through. I pray God gives them the strength to get through this and the courage to fight these terrorists. After you pray, take a moment to consider yourself blessed. You are, you know that? In so many ways.


Be thoughtful, take a second to reflect, then enjoy these links.


What Your Facebook Statuses Say About Your Age via Mental Floss

Sacred Singleness via Boundless

18 Honest Confessions About Straight Edge People via Buzzfeed


When Should You Run With A Cold? via Run to the Finish

Years Later, Bittersweet Victory for Sprinter via The New York Times

What Happens To The Body During and Ultramarathon via The Washington Post


What Happens When The Fat Girl Has an Eating Disorder via The Huffington Post






  1. I pray for Paris and wonder what is happening to our world. I am 52 and when I was growing up ‘terrorist’ was not even in our language. I can relate to kids in their mid 20’s as I have 2 of my own. You are hard working and wonderful individuals but have had to adapt to a very technological world.

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