WIAW [11/18/2015]

Good Afternoon bloggers and foodies! 

This post comes to you a bit late due to some unintentional work this morning. I was supossed to have the day off, so I planned to get this post off earlier. Alas, I came in form my run to a text message from my boss asking me to work a couple hours. So I went in to work and am just now sitting down at my computer to both blog, read blogs and EAT!

Without wasting too many words, time for everyone’s favorite link-up of the week brought to you by Jenn


Pumpkin Scone with PB and pickles on the side (sweet/savory)


Everyone get in teh bowl salad. Chickpeas, kidney beans, marinated veggies, tofu, spinach.Side of butternut squash


PB, cookie butter and banana wrap, side of steam veggies


Cannoli (tasty but not the best, I think I’ll get something else next time)

What is your favorite dessert?

Do you get called into work often?



  1. That dinner has my name written ALL over it. I seem to crave peanut butter and broccoli on a daily basis…. together. Weird? Oh well. I must say I’ve never had a pickle with my pb/pumpkin scone (one of my favorites), but I can actually see it not being a bad thing..

  2. Now that lunch time salad is one I can get behind – twice the legumes for the win!
    I’ve never had cannoli but they do look good. My favourite everyday dessert is chocolate and the every-now-and-then one ice cream [mostly because there usually isn’t any in the house and I prefer getting it from scoop shops].

  3. I get requests to come into work a lot, but rarely take them up on it… I’m in grad school so that leaves little time for overtime. I should, though, because I need the money!
    Desserts are my favorite, in general haha. I’d say my favorite dessert, though, is ice cream.

    • The only problem I have with ice cream is that it melts so I have to eat it fast. I enjoy desserts more if I take time to savor the flavor

  4. Your food looks delicious! I am a bit skeptical about the peanut butter, pickle, and pumpkin combo… but if you say it’s good, I believe you! Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try pb and pickle πŸ™‚
    Your dinner looks UNREAL. SO GOOD. I must try it! Where do you get your cookie butter? Trader Joe’s?
    My favorite dessert is CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Mmmm. And I love cupcakes! One of my faves: https://peanutbutterandle.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/snickers-cupcakes/ Really any vegan dessert is yummy (minus cheesecake).
    I’ve never had cannoli before! Can you make vegan cannoli?

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